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Clayton: 49ers season grade F

f**k mr peabody. we knew we were bad this year without him saying it. just wait til uncle jimmy and his playbook come to town next season. theyll all be sorry...
Originally posted by A-R-S:
You all attack the man's physical appearance because he says whats true?

for shame.

He is one ugly bugger though don't you think. Reminds me of something that died on my windshield coming back from Vegas.
Originally posted by niner4life21:
Originally posted by Eduardo75:

His head looks like a hot air balloon.

he seems like the type of guy who would rape little kids.

Sports is bad mmmkay

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An "F" huh?

Well shoot. He must have been watching them this season, I guess.
maybe he means physical with an F??

but he's right. How can you give us anything better than an F? Especially with all the expectations coming into the season.

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Originally posted by niner4life21:
f**k John Clayton. He looks like a f**king bug.

Originally posted by AKfanster:
His obviously NOT grading on a Singletary curve. Had he configured the Sing curve into the equation, the Niners would easily get a C-.

Now that's a good observation! Within one week of his firing the team played like they could have won the west.
stop being pos sean salisbury and hating on clayton. he is right! we deserve a F. we should have won the division EASILY but we didnt. he may look like he doesnt know football but imo, hes one of the best football analysts
John Clayton's wheelchair exercise routine: F

Of course we got an F, it was for our such Fhysical play throughout the season.

You know, playing 5 yards off of WR's and whatnot.
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