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Clayton: 49ers season grade F

The Nahners are baaaad, they deserve an F, mmmk?
ho seys we diserv teh F graed?
Originally posted by global_nomad:

Seattle: C
Rams: B
49ers: F
Cards: F

Rams the favorite in the NFC West next year I wonder if that changes if Shurmur gets hired by Browns.

I wonder if Bradford will never amount to s**t because it will be a new offense for him if Shumurr leaves

We should interview Clayton to satisfy the Rooney rule, the undead count as minorities right?
For those of you that are upset with this grade, what's the grade that you think we deserve?
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That seems a little high.
i like how everyone in here spent the whole season crying and moaning about how awful the 49ers are, how their entire coaching staff sucks, andhow dumb all our players are, but when John Clayton gives us an "F" for the season, everyone starts flinging insults at him...

we were supposed to run away with this division, and as it turns out, we definitely should of. instead we had to beat AZ on the final day of the season just to not finish in last place and barely scratch out 6 wins. id say this season was worth an F. we completely failed to reach our goals. both AZ and SF got F's, so i dont think its out of line.
Wait: You guys don't think that the 49ers deserve an F for 2010? Really? And you'd argue that the 49ers should be the favorite to win the NFC West in 2011, just like they have been for the last several years?
I'm a niner fan and all, but it appears some are still sipping Singleberry.

How could you give it anything higher? Honestly we probably have the most talent in the NFC West. And look how it turned out.
What's with all the hate for Clayton? He has been covering the league for over three decades and is one of the more well thought-out and respected reporters around. A little bit more experience than most of you I gather.

Further, articles like these are assigned reporters at ESPN, they don't have much of a choice on a lot of these kinds of things.

Also, the Niners deserve less than F if possible. So much was expected out of them and they completely face-planted into a pile of poo. Seriously, they lost to the Panthers.

The 49ers don't deserve to be the favorite going into next year. What have they shown for the past 8 years but dysfunction?

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Why is everyone so upset? F is correct.
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Originally posted by 49ERFANb4Uwas:

I gotta laugh every time I see him. He looks like the slow 24 year old senior water boy we had in high school.
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
For those of you that are upset with this grade, what's the grade that you think we deserve?

We deserve a G.

It's really the syndrome where no one can talk s**t (credibly) about the Niners except Niner fans.
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