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Please dont have a late season surge

You should not tank games for draft position--

my draft philosohpy would be for the team that drafts # 32--super bowl champs--

consider that 32nd pick--last pick in the first round as the first pick in the second round---then the 64th pick the first pick in the 3rd round--so you are drafting first in rounds 2 through 7 and won the super bowl too---
Normally I don't like this concept of not wanting the team to win. But things haven't been normal with the 49ers for a long time. Right now I get where people are coming from, and laugh knowingly when I see these things. The last thing I want to see is this same staff & certain deadwood players coming back to give it another try next season. Not really caring about final record &draft picks, but I don't really want to see a late surge as justification to stay the same next year.

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Being in the NFC west, the crappiest division in the NFL, we got a bunch of cheap wins. Those wins, along with putrid drafts (2008), have prevented us from upgrading our roster all the way around. Remember, in the NFL draft, you get the higher pick EACH ROUND, from beginning to finish.

It gives a perception that we are competing, but we get blown out by teams like KC, Bucs, ATL, and Philly that we are not accustomed to playing. We show up sometimes but most of the time we are outmatched.
The first time we play a Pete Carrol Seahawk team, we get demolished. And against the Rams, lets be Frank, they gave us that game by not covering Gore on that last drive and then the refs gave us a freebie. (If they called a PI on us in OT on an uncatchable ball, we'd want that refs head)

Again, those cheap 14-9 victories against the Rams don't even make us look good. We barely win, plus we move down in the draft order. In a better division, we'd be looking at 3-13, 4-12, 2-14. Instead we end up 7-9 or 6-10. Thats a significant drop off in the draft order. Those s**ttier records would have significantly improved our roster. We wouldn't have some of the POS player on our roster or ones that quit on us.

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