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Vernon Davis signs 5 year extension

JasonLaCanfora Vernon Davis signs 5 year extension with SF (6 total yrs no in deal). Makes him highest paid TE in NFL history. $23m guar, and $37M total.

Adam_Schefter 49ers TE Vernon Davis signed a 5-year extension, making him highest paid TE in NFL history. Deal includes $23 mil gtd, $37 mil total.
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baalke you freaking genius

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Niners sign Vernon Davis to a five-year extension, according to multiple reports, including the team's own web site
no surprises, numbers are pretty much as expected

Thank goodness!!!!!!!!!
Great news.

VD has the work ethic and desire to be the best.

Welcome to the Webzone Louisiana49er.
good job, we're locking em up
what should be a great weekend kinda of sucks because of a kidney stone I am trying to pass but this news helps.
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