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Alex, you suk..... I hope you get benched next week

While I agree , if carr goes in were worse off.

How so you figure? You act like Alex is playing mediocre football and we're looking for something better. Nope, he's playing pathetic football, so it can't be much worse.

It dosnt matter who the QB is it wont ever matter as long as raye and sing are here still. that being said Alex>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Carr if anything put in Smith
It will take a miracle for this team to finish .500! It's time for Alex and Singletary to hit the road. Any chance of Holgren coming back to the bay area?
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y is sing callin timeouts

To practice for a real game.
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why are we calling timeouts? so we can kick it back to them?

please replace raye!
I cant wait to hear Damon Bruce
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Singletary, Raye and Alex Smith all need to go.

This, I believe, has to happen as no self-respecting fan is going to believe in this team until you clear out all three.
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Alex, you suk..... I hope you get benched next week

you really know nothing about this team.

The Olin sucked, no Wr's got open, playcalling sucked, never put in Dixon and barely used Westbrook, Gore cant run, Alex cant play well when everyone else gave up. But at least the one good thing from this game is no wasted TimeOuts
Reading some of these jokes are some of the best one liners I have ever heard!!!

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I really don't see this team winning a game until they play the rams.

Even THAT might be a stretch at this point. Maybe if we're at home. I see nothing that would indicate that this team can beat anybody. Maybe USC. Maybe
Smith will score causing Sing to feel no changes need to be made! Joke
Berkeley High runs a better offense that Raye.
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Originally posted by JedYork:

Here is my attempt to guess what the press conference will sound like:

"Today we didn't do the things we needed to do to win. Moving forward we cant make mistakes that hurt us. And today was one of those things where we didn't come out with the fire we needed. And I'm gonna say this, we will be ready next week for the Falcons."

I think I got every cliche and overused expression he uses to essentially say nothing at all his press conferences. This is gonna get ugly before it better.
Philly= loss
Oakland... after today, I'm not too confident.

Fcck off Singletary. Your time is up.
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