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We scored but Morgans out for the year good job!!!!!

This is so retarded with the last TD. What was the point!!! Bye Bye Singletary... you were good for a time. But you and Raye must go!
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This last play showcases how lame our coaches are.

WTF are they doing? Padding the stats? Why to help simpletary's fantasy team.

this team sucks we need changes starting with the head coach and qb they get r hope up in preseason and cant do anything when in counts
maybe we need jerry rice as a coach plus some of the former players
that took us to 5 superbowls
Originally posted by saniner:
Short throws, STILL?! WTF?

Yeah, why can't we just play to win? Why does it have to be in a certain style. Tough and hard nose isn't working and it hasn't been. Go razzle dazzle if we have to or chuck the ball around 50 times.
Originally posted by awol36:
touchdown yay

Is that Jed York?

Should be.
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Originally posted by Leathaface:
Gore just made Alex's stats look a lot better. Alex f**king sucks. I don't care what excuse anyone has for that piece of trash QB. He sucks. Period.

I agree Alex sucked but he's not the reason we lost.

But like I said...either you're the solution or the problem.

I meant the players not you. Lol.
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Originally posted by ZRF80:
I got a 25% warning for trolling. I guess callin Alex Smith out for bad play is not acceptable in these parts.

don't give them reasons to get rid of you ZRF...even if you think you didn't say much.

team is doing bad right now and everyone is are an easy target.

It's pathetic that you can't speak the truth because it hurts somebody else's feelings.
What a joke.

Bulls**t. Everyone is criticizing A. Smith. He was clearly trolling.

Let's stop with the victimization. And that goes for both sides.

Don't give me that "stop with the victimization" crap. I think it's a damn joke whenever any regular user is "punished" for hurting someone else's feelings. Talking about how much a QB sucks ass, when that QB does indeed suck ass, is not trolling.
You are ignoring all the the problems the team has and jsut focusing on 1 player. Alex has played like crap but so has everybody else and that falls on the coaching staff.

Things need to change but they need to change at the top before you start making the change with the players.

Sing and Raye need to go.

Show me where I've ignored all the other problems. I'm not the one getting "punished" for talking about Alex. I'm just saying it's a disgrace that someone can't speak the truth because someone else can't handle it.

There is a plethora of Alex criticism going on. How many other people are being warned?

Make that connection yet?

ZRF = troll
We weakest link in our team is the coaching. Not adjustments to rushes, terrible playcalling, and no heart. Just plain horrible.
Originally posted by jimih:
Hmmmmm..... chiefs bad team..... hire crennel, weis and Haley... become good team.

49ers ..... bad team..... hire Singletary, Raye...... stay bad.....

Hmmmm.... what is difference???


Will this get through to the front office after this game?

Originally posted by teeohh:
Originally posted by Kalen49ers:
Smiths stats get padded!! oh wait we lost by 21 points to the s**tty Chiefs

helped me out in fantasy...

He is on Sign's FFL team as well. Wanted the extra yardage points. Raye has Gore. Maybe this is all making sense.
Originally posted by awol36:
touchdown yay

This is a perfect metaphor of what our season is going to look like!
Originally posted by 9ersnation:
Should have gone for 2

So we can get VD hurt too !
Sucks Morgan is hurt, but really..............what kind of loss would that be REALLY? Raye will need to find another WR to send in motion off, set up next to the TE to run block.
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