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Baalke - authority/courage to trade?

Is anyone else concerned that the Niners front office is not competitively organized and staffed to make the proper trade-offs to acquire player talent, especially under time pressure and when more than knowledge of potential draftees is called for?

Is anyone else concerned that Trent Baalke may not have the authority or guts to both INITIATE and RESPOND to certain kinds of player acquisition transactions (player-for pick, pick-for-player) under the pressure of the clock?

Example: At what point in time, might it be the best value to negotiate a draft pick with Baltimore for OT Jared Gaither, rather than draft the 4th or 5th-rated OT on the draft board?

Baalke is in charge of the draft. Gamble is in charge of existing pro player personel. Doesn't it seem likely that there are/will be value opportunities which cross back and forth between these two domains? With no GM, aren't the fragmented Niners at a competitive disadvantage? Who does a GM from another team call, Baalke or Gamble, when making or responding to a player-for-pick or pick-for player trade offer?

Will Baalke have the guts to pull the trigger on value-producing trades? Will he have the authority and guts to initiate them or just respond to offers from others?

This club has acquired NO ONE since McCloughan was fired. Paymah was done under McCloughan's watch. Front office personalities aside, I am very concerned that this club, so close now to being a playoff-caliber team, is poised to stall, due to a myopic and disfunctional front office structure, that confuses other teams.

The April Fools joke involving Millen was very effective, because many people apparently see the need for this club to have a veteran front office HOFO. There needs to be a single focus point for player acquisition through all channels, not just a guy who can slot and rate potential draftees.

Wish it weren't so, but I smell Trouble and Lost Opportunity until the June stadium vote passes, when the Yorks might loosen the purse strings for a real front office.
It is what it is
Unless a monster is sitting a few spots away (Berry for instance) I'm fine with sitting and taking BPA (within reason).

Give the guy a chance before we lose all faith.
Originally posted by jreff22:
Unless a monster is sitting a few spots away (Berry for instance) I'm fine with sitting and taking BPA (within reason).

Give the guy a chance before we lose all faith.
Time will tell
Whom exactly did you expect us to acquire after McCloughan was fired? Besides Jared Gaither, because I think it's pretty obvious at this point that we're not interested, and rightly so.

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Early days, Mr Bagg. Let's see how it goes. Right now, just holding at each draft position is not going to be a bad strategy.
not concerned at all
Who do you expect them to get at this late juncture? Even if they go and get someone, possibly nine out of ten won't really know who that is anyway and will have to rely on reports that the person is supposedly a good personell man.

If you want them to trade just to make a splash or rather noise, that is sad. I realize as fans we have no power and we want them to do something we feel is good, but its like that Windows 7 commercial about how everyone wants to feel empowered and say thats my idea I told them to do that-no I did really, I even have the copyof the letter.

Enjoy the ride and gripe later. This draft even if you aren't a ninner fan, just a football fan, is going to very interesting-what will the rams do? what will the seachickens do...who will free fall, who will actually jump up the boards, free al davis part 2.

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I couldn't be less worried about the draft than I am.
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I understand what your saying, and I am also worried but for a little bit different reason. will balkee be doing what is best for this franchise, or is he just trying to secure his spot as the new gm?

For example, what if we have a chance to trade back or maybe even trade out of the first round for one of our number ones when there is no value left at that pick for us. will he recognize that in the grand scheme of things it might be better to do this or will he stay pat in order to select a player he thinks will save his job.

This does not mean i think we should trade our picks, but the point is I dont want a short sighted GM making moves that may hurt the franchise in the long run. This goes for trading young talent for a veteran that may help us this year, but not beyond too.
Not worried at all I think Baalke and Gamble will do a wonderful job. If any team calls I'm sure both of them will be in the same room. It's not very difficult to say "so and so" is on the phone. What should we do; and then make a decision.
I'm not concerned... they'll be fine.

Don't you have more important sh*t to worry about?

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