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What Does McCloughan departure mean for Smith

As we know McCloughan is a big Smith Supporter. Do you believe the rest of the organization supports Smith or will we be looking in another direction come draft time?[/u]
Smith will start.
I actually was kind of thinking the big scandal was they got caught in bed together and it was all coming out.

Hee hee.

So where do you think I think this leaves Smith?

I always thought Alex was a smart guy. But Carr could be smarter.
I like Turtles.
Kentwan Balmer sucks
I miss Jerry Rice
After this season..........YES
I don't think it changes things much, this is still his make or break year.
If Smith plays well it won't matter but if he doesn't the next GM won't have any problem cutting him loose.
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He's the starter. If he wants to keep his job he needs to keep playing well. It's really not that difficult. Sing has his backing so he should be good there. I don't think the GM has anything to do with anything.

Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Kentwan Balmer sucks

I object your honor! The comment is not germane. I only play a lawyer on the Zone.

Alex's status depends on what Coach Sing thinks, and I think that was the case before Scot's departure. This is a make or break year for Alex whether McCloughan is there or not. There isn't anybody to draft that is going to take us to the playoffs this year. Smith will start and he has to perform.
Originally posted by Ronnie49Lott:
If Smith plays well it won't matter but if he doesn't the next GM won't have any problem cutting him loose.

i hope thats the case he better get all the first team reps this offseason tho
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It means the answer to your question could be had if you asked it in one of the other 3 million Smith threads as opposed to starting another.
Well right now we don't know that McCloughan is done for good right now. At this point, all we know is that he's taken a leave of absence. That means at some point he'll be back. Personally, I think he will be back. But this doesn't effect Smith negatively at all. If anything, it should make Smith work that much harder to prepare for this season.
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