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East Coast 49er Fans Unite!

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Live in Montreal! Guess that works? Everyone is either a Patriot, Packer or an Eagle fan... There's a few Saints, Giants and Jets fans, but not many people know their football.
I am in West Virginia

Does that count?
I live in Michigan, always been a lot of Lions fans even when they were sucking. Now it's fun to talk real football with them and not the draft this year. However, there are also a lot of Bears, Packers and Colts fans, although most of the Colts fans seemed to have disappeared this year... I wonder why? On a side note, there seems to be a lot of Cowboys fans too... no idea why
Fan for 32 years checking in from western suburbs of Philadelphia, PA
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Virginian 49er fan, since grade school. F the Redskins.

me too

NINER FAN in Chesapeake, VA!!! NINER FOR LIFE!!!!

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Live in Maryland and hoping 49ers show these raven fans what a true championship team looks like.
Diehard 9er fan since '81 in Chesapeake Virginia!!! Never been to San Fran but I plan to go before the Stick is gone........

Go 9ers!!!!
NJ Niner fan here. Went to see them in Philly in 2002 on Monday night, and saw the eagles get their butts kicked. Worst fans ever. I knew not to wear any 49er attire. Nothing but a bunch of low class hicks.

Also seen them beat the giants on a Thursday for the season opener. Thank you giants fans for not being classless at the game. A car load of giants fans saw me in my car, yelled "go giants", after that, I put on my Niners hat. All they did was yell "oooooooooooooh" and we all laughed. Niners won that one too.

I plan on seeing them in 2012 when they slaughter the jets. Not sure about jets fans, some are ok, but some are pretty classless too.
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Been in the DC area since I was 7 years old and have always been a niners fan. Def plan on going to SF sometime next year.
Brooklyn , flew out last week for the game. I have a ticket to fly tom for the game and hope the snow doesn't stop me!!!

Long Island. Been a 49ers fan my entire life!
Boston 49er fan here. Is there a bar where the Boston 9er fans are getting together to watch games? I know a lot of fans for other more regional teams do this and it's a blast. It would be nice to get something together for next year.
Yeah Ive been a niner fan for 15 years, im only 23 so since I started watching football, its been tough the past decade but worth it, I live in Rhode Island and hope the niners face off against the Pats so I can finally shut up these bandwagon Patriot fans
How fans in Michigan?
Live in Raeford, NC (near Fayetteville) my whole life... Been to a few away Niner games in ATL, CAR, and WSH. Plan on making a trip out to SF hopefully next year for a home game.
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