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East Coast 49er Fans Unite!

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Niner fan from Philly..went to my first game this year when they played left my toes frozen but it was worth it
Born in Trenton NJ and became a fan in 84. Now in Fort Mill, SC just off the Charlotte, NC border.
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I live in vegas and all of you know there will never be a team here. I grew up a niners fan from the early 80's going up to SF all the time when I was younger. but, here in vegas you've got all fans of all teams here.
From Trenton, NJ. niner fan since birth. Been to Spain, Switzerland, Amsterdam, married wife from Sweden, even been to f**kin Oregon, but aint been to San Fran yet.. Maybe one of these days.
F the east cost.

West Siiiiiiiide !!!!

I went to the East Coast for the first time in september 09 to visit B-schools in Boston, NY, and Philly. During my time, I stayed in NYC for 2 weekends and I went to a bar called, Finnerty's Irish Pub, both times. The place is a 49ers bar and this is probably the best kept secret in all of NYC!

The place was alive, had cheap beers, you could bring in food, and it was an awesome atmosphere!!! The crowd is 20-40 but it doesn't matter what age you are as long as you bleed red and gold.

Highly recommend this place!!

I am from West Virginia

commence laughter now
Mississippi checking in.
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Boston Massachusetts 49er Fan Baby !! Not many of us out here because they all love Tom Brady, rightfully so. Guy reminds me a little bit of Joe.

2010 49er's should do just fine !
I have Lived in Sacramento all my life (hense my handle name), but just moved to New Jersey last month, so I guess I am now a East Coast 49er fan.

Living in Ireland now!! Oh is that a little too far east??
North Jersey here. Never been to SF to see a game. See them play the Giant and Jets here, Eagles in Philly and the Fins in Miami. Up until 3 years ago against the Giants I had never gone to a game the 49ers lost. The Last 2 against the Giants made it 2 years in a row. Oh well, maybe one day we will get back to our winning ways. Most important part for the 49ers has always been QB. Still waiting....
Originally posted by susweel:
F the east cost.

West Siiiiiiiide !!!!

DC Niner, currently in NC. Representing the Niners since "84". Very proud! I'll get a chance to see them this season against the Panthers.
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Die hard 49ers fan here in North Jersey checking in. Hated both Giants and Jets!
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