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East Coast 49er Fans Unite!

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I must say, after spending time, 25 years or so being a 49er fan and never stepping foot in San Francisco I am proud. I would love, and plan to see a home game ASAP. The many hours spending time on this forum I have to say it is easier dealing with other teams fans talking bad about the 49ers and not making sense than listening to 49ers fans talking bad and not making sense. I'm curious how the local bar would be in San Francisco during a deep talk about football and 49ers fans arguing?

What are your horror stories being a 49er fan living in San Francisco? How about the nation wide fans, would you rather listen to haze from a Giants fan or some scrub 49er fan that has no idea what he is b***hin' about?
I grew up i nthe bay area my whole life until 4 years ago i moved to north carolina. man there are a lot of niner fans out here! f**k yes! & raider fans to lol. it's funny to go to different states and talk smack! cause out here before the panthers came your either a skins or falcons fan.
i live directly between ny and philly, being that jersey doesnt have their own team, its completely absurd how there is an even split of giant and eagle fans very few jet fans and probably more cowboy fans. weird area here
Well I went to SF in 2002 had no idea where I was going but drove right past Candle Stick WOW!!! Man that was great hope to get back there some day.
DELAWARE NINER fan right here. I was born and raised right out side philly.
Virginian 49er fan, since grade school. F the Redskins.
I have friends who are either A)Giants or B)Patriots times.

But this also means they are either Yankees or Red Sox fans, which is just as .
been a niners fan since i was 8 livin in south jersey...pretty much all my friends are eagles fans...mad i missed the eagles and niners game this year but was there for the last one when alex smith took his first snap as a niner....not a good game tho...really hope the eagles niners game this year is later in the season so my friends come along as a type of vacation
Born in Sacramento in '93, moved to Denver when I was 5. Broncos fans don't talk too much trash, unless you bring up the Raiders.

And if they do say anything about the Niners, I just bring up the 89 bowl, which is funny because neither I nor the friends I'm talking to were alive to see it so when I remind them what the score was they shut up.

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from WV. my dad was a Cowboys fan. The firing of Landry pissed him off enough to make him turn his back on them. He had Niners wallpaper in our rooms in less than a month, I even still have the mascot lamp from 30 years ago.
I live in Rhode Island. My dad grew up in the Bay Area, so he's always been a 49ers/Giants/Warriors fan.
South Jersey. About 45 minutes from Philadelphia.
For those that can't make it out west Y'all should all plan 1 get togather per season to a game out on the east coast. Plan a massive tailgate party and enjoy the good times and call it a home away from home celebration. Even if you don't get into the game.
Born in the bay but lived all my life overseas, now I'm in Boston. I hate Patriots fans. No idea what they're talking about but because they've won SB they think they're top sh**. They won't even admit that Brady fumbled, it's pretty pathetic. Then to hear them b**ch about Bonds' steroid use while Manny, Papi, and Shilling were all juicing too; It drives me crazy. I'd rather have a bay area fan all day.
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