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Where do you live? (Stadium Related)

Where do you live? (Stadium Related)

I live a few blocks away from RFK.
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Great Britain. Personally I am a fan of the stadium staying in San Francisco.
DC - I hope the stadium stays in SF - easier airport access, and I love staying in the city for games.
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
tulare,ca thats 40 minutes south of fresno. drive to pleasonton catch bart in san fran and take the bus into the game and reverse it on the way home[/quote

your from Tulare? I'm from porterville......I was wondering if anyone else was from the south valley.
Orange County, CA.
Muenster, Germany
Originally posted by Kurtz49:
Orange County, CA.

Los Angeles
North Bay!

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East Coast....I am about 6 hours away by plane !!!!!!!!!!

Go 49ers!
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Not many Niners game on TV, lots of USC...ugh
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In Valrod's basement and I are trapped in the quicksand

Peninsula right in between the South Bay and San Francisco ie San Mateo County. Not San Francisco County or Santa Clara County
I live in Redwood City. Smack dab in the middle. I think I would prefer driving to Santa Clara for a game rather than S.F.

Also I hate what S.F. politicians have done to the city. I don't want to give them a win ever!
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