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Where do you live? (Stadium Related)

Where do you live? (Stadium Related)

^That should do it...
San Luis Obispo, CA
Originally posted by cutbarlow:

Just curious where people live at in relation to where the 49ers could build a stadium. Also, would stadium location affect whether or not you can/will attend games? Why or why not? Would the possibility of sharing a stadium with the Raiders affect whether or not you attend games?

I live right behind the S.F. Forty-Niner training camp. When you view the clip of the new Santa Clara stadium on YouTube. You will see my neighborhood and our H.O.A. swimmingpool. I am about a 20 minute walk from the proposed stadium. I would want to attend some of the Niner games. I would still attend even if the Niners shared the stadium with the Raiders.
Coppell, Texas, dallas suburb. I always come back home for a home game
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Originally posted by valrod33:
New Mexico

When are you moving to America?!?
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