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Arizona now a game up on us :(

Two up after this week.
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Arizona's future schedule doesn't look that rough either.

2 questions

Does anybody have any Crabtree pics?
Whats the rest of Arizona's schedule looking like?

Arizona's schedule looks like a cakewalk except for 2-3 games. They have Carolina,at Chicago, Seattle, at St. Louis, at Tennessee,Minnesota, at San Fran, at Detroit, St. Louis, and Green Bay. They have a easy schedule.

I looked at Carolina's schedule the rest of the way in and they may only win 1 more game. They have a tough schedule. Every team they play except for Tampa Bay is probably gonna be a playoff team.

Not so fast. Carolina is most likely gonna bench Delhomme (Fox said it's a possibility, reported by ESPN) Matt Moore has a strong arm, and showed it a couple of weeks ago, and also in preseason, this will open up their run even more.

The Bears are going to be a tough team to beat, you never know which Cutler you get, and which defense. Seattle might play hard and try to get redemption for their earlier loss to them; St. Louis...still, you can never count division opponents out.

Tennessee, they could surprise (especially if Young takes over at QB), they have talent on that team; Minnesota is going to beat them, so will we, and the Packers are going to make a game out of it depending on were they are standing in the division.

no, I really don't think that their schedule is going to be that easy, knowing how shaky they are times.

They started off shaky but the past few games, they have been looking pretty good on both offense and defense. We got 9more games to find out for sure
Hopefully AZ has another end the season collapse, it wouldn't be the first time they bagged easy games starting about weeks 8-10.
Gotta get out my Kurt Warner voodoo doll.

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