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Offensive post-game analysis (@ Minn)

This is stupid. Raye gave us a chance to win it. The time out with 2:26 to go and playing prevent was what killed us.
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Jimmy Raye = Hostler!!! He lost the game period! End of story! Why give up and give Favre a minute and a half to work us over, when you can throw hill's signature 5 yard pass? HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE! Take a hike Jimmy
I love Sing's heart, passion, and driven attitude but his down fall will be Raye. I didn't like the hire then and I don't like it now. I believe this team, especially Defense is ready to do special thing but this Raye and this Conservetive shiet is killing the team and has become 49ers weak link. I just hope Sing figures it out soon because there are 3-4 really good coaches looking for jobs next season, who have killer instinct that will love to take 49ers to the next step.
Originally posted by matt49er:
Originally posted by ninersrule4:
Singeltary Raye f**k you two

RUN RUN RUN all we needed was 1 f**king 1st

It's just as much on Sing as it is Raye....that was what i would have expected from NOLAN not SINGLETARY! we played not to lose instead of playing to win at the end of that game by running 3 straight times when we had a chance to WIN by securing a 1st down that's all we needed was 1 FIRST DOWN and we had this game. Then by playing straight prevent we should have sent at least 1 more pass rusher on that last drive Favre picked us apart.

Offensively and defensively at the end the Niners played not to lose. Which means of course the Niners lost. What a tough game.
I thought the offense played pretty decent against a spectacular defense.

Hill was great in the 2nd half, as was Davis. The playcalling was great. We couldn't run all game and the o-line played poorly for the most part. It would have been nice to get a 1st on that last drive...we should have thrown it, as our pass game was really in sync. But I don't fault the philosophy of running the ball to burn MIN's timeouts. The defense was playing great and their performance, until that final play, justified the strategy.

A lot of good, a lot of bad. things to work on and positives to continue strengthening the foundation.

Overall a really, really great game by the Niners.
And you know what pisses me off the most? We had the offense ready after last year. We didn´t need to do anything with it other than adding playmakers.

But no, let´s fire the guy that gave us a respectable offense and bring this one, who we just ressurected from the crypt with some black magic.
IMO, Raye should have called a passing play on the last 3rd down. I said that then.

Yes it stops the clock but the Vikings would have stopped the clock either way. The Vikings would have used their timeout eventually as well.

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The offense as a whole wasn't the problem today. When we needed points we got them.

On the last drive, on 3rd down we needed to call a play action. If VD isn't open then Hill takes the sack and there's no harm no foul, we were planning to punt the ball anyway.

We counted on our D to win the game for us when our O could have done it with one first down, sucks.
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you know what RAYE.?....F6CK EVERYTIME YOU HART BEATS.......F5CK

I shrugged off that dropped pick from Dre Bly . Who knew we'd need that TD to win the game. I am embarrased because they are gonna turn this into "Let's blow Favre week". Dude is washed up and we gave up a 300 yard passing game to a fvckin old azz washed up QB.
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The oline for pass protection and the combination of Hill stepping up into the pocket did pretty well against the pass rush imo

there were some issues with a couple rollouts/bootlegs but I thought they were good.
Originally posted by Brazilian49er:
And you know what pisses me off the most? We had the offense ready after last year. We didn´t need to do anything with it other than adding playmakers.

But no, let´s fire the guy that gave us a respectable offense and bring this one, who we just ressurected from the crypt with some black magic.

I agree. I hated the Martz firing (probably one of the few that did). Sing should have kept him and just told him "I want some kick ass power run plays mixed in there Mike." Martz did a good job of modifying the passing attack to something Hill could perform, I'm sure he could have fixed the running game.
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Originally posted by Kolohe:
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Originally posted by Kolohe:
Originally posted by ads_2006:
This loss is all on Jimmy Raye...

I agree. His play calling is soooooo freaking predictable...... it pisses me off.

When Raye lets Hill throw the ball, we score touchdowns. But for some reason Raye doesn't let Hill throw the ball...

Also try a play action on first down...

I understand, you have to run the ball to keep defenses honest, but dammit that last drive was frickin ridiculous. A play-action for a 7 yard pass was all it would've took to seal the deal......frickin Jimmy Raye!!!

I totally agree, Jimmy Raye, sucks ass. Everyone in America knew we were going to run, call a play-action pass please.

BUT, some positives.

VD is finally being used as an offensive weapon and is holding on to the ball, no more Stone Hands.

Hill, has shown some unbelievable poise, and can make plays when given a chance, does not make many mistakes.

Norris is a beast, so glad we got him back.

If Gore can't go! I think we are okay with Coffee, he really seemed to settle down in the 3rd quarter and pulled off some solid runs against a stout defense.

WR are very under utilized but are solid in run support and when thrown to are sure handed.

I like the poise of the team overall, the have and look and feel of confidence that I have not seen in a long time. Coaches just need to get more assertive and find that killer instinct. But this is a solid team, offense, defense and special teams.

Go Niners!!!!
Remember what Norv did against the Seahawks on 3rd down? Naked bootleg and a TD.

Go for the kill.
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