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We Signed Pashos !!

Originally posted by nekst:
Why don't we put Brandon Jones on the PUP list since he's probably going to be out until Week 4 or Week 5 anyways?

Because he is ineligible for the PUP list.

A player can only be put on the PUP list if he is unable to perform before the start of training camp. You cannot put a player on PUP if he gets hurt during training camp, as Brandon Jones was.

I am still surprised that people always get confused about who can be put on the PUP list, there is a very easy rule of thumb:

Hurt before training camp: Can but put on PUP

Hurt after training camp started: Cannot be put on PUP

It gets more complicated with the roster spots and when a guy on PUP can be activated again, but the rule of thumb should make it pretty easy to determine who is eligible for the PUP list and who isn´t.

As for Brandon Jones, he clearly isn´t.
29 is not that old for a lineman and only 7 years in the league isn't bad (Smith had 11 at 30). I am amazed that the Niners were able to signed this guy. I guess if I was a lineman who was good at run blocking and just ok at pass blocking coming to the Niners might be a great place to showcase my talent. He probably is thinking he can beat out Snyder.
MM reported it.
Nice work, Scotty! Now Sims isn't the only option at backup OT. Whew!
Signing Pashos is a relief, I was afraid they might bring back Kwame Harris.
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Originally posted by RedWaltz24:
I wonder what Snyder is thinking? He thought he finally had a position sewn up at RT, and now a beast like Pashos is signed. I would be quite frustrated if I were him. Hopefully the competition will inspire both to step their game up.

The NFL is all about competition and unless you're in the Pro Bowl, your job is never safe. I'm sure Snyder welcomes the competition and feels he can hold off Pashos.
Not only does the pashos signing provide depth at tackler it also provides depth at guard. So if bass does not pan out or stay healthy the niners have several options.
Originally posted by mcbaes72:
Originally posted by Lobo49er:
Greatest signing ever.

That is, until he gives up a sack.

Then he's Satan, yes, even more evil than Barry Sims.

Then, he'd have to give up more than 10 sacks to do that before I put him in the Sims/Jennings/Harris category.

Actually Harris didn't give up many Sacks when he was with us. Probably cause he "Held" the opponent, but nobody said anything about causing penalty setbacks. Nevermind that the refs actually LOOKED to throw flags in Kwame's direction. And that such an act should NEVER happen from an official because he's SUPPOSED to go into a game unbiased...

...well anyway Kwame didn't give up many sacks.

Originally posted by fister30:
Not only does the pashos signing provide depth at tackler it also provides depth at guard. So if bass does not pan out or stay healthy the niners have several options.

Kwame was a "Tackler".

Pashos can play "Tackle".

And HOPEFULLY knows the difference between the two.



This gives us some nice depth and flexibilty !!!!
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Let's temper our enthusiasm for this a little bit by the recognition that the Jags drafted two OTs, one of which would replace Pashos. If Pashos were something special, Jacksonville would not have drafted the way they did.

What the 49ers got was what they were looking for; a BACKUP tackle. This allows Sims to become the swing man and Snyder to stay at ROT. That allows Snyder to concentrate on one spot and gives the 49ers the depth they were seeking.
Originally posted by Lifer:
Originally posted by PatrickJira411:
Very solid pickup. He is a really good run blocker, and a solid enough pass blocker. Kind of reminds of Scott Gragg, a big mauler who is a really good blocker but struggles a bit vs speed rushers. I think he is a solid starting RT in this league and we are lucky to get him this late.

We picked up Gragg in a very similar situation: He was cut by the Giants for salary cap reasons after refusing to take a pay cut, and we signed him on the eve of the 2000 season. He turned out to be our starting RT and a really solid player for us for four years. We can only hope that Pashos turns out as good as Gragg. Great signing!

Good point
Originally posted by NoOffseason:
Originally posted by DynastyPart2:
Originally posted by TheCatch:
Great! But why would he refuse to take 2.9 mil from the Jags, and then come to us for less than 2 mil? We need him bad. but I was just wondering.

I think it is because Pashos feels he has a good chance to crack the starting lineup here in San Fran. If he plays well he can land another contract. If he stayed in Jax he would likely not start and next year with no current film on him the chance of getting another long term contract diminishes.

That's my guess.

I agree, that would be my guess as well.

Also, I think he refused the 2.9 mil because he thought that he could earn more on the free market. So the Jaguars cut him and now it seems that the free market did not want to pay him that much, but since he is cut, he would be without a team now.

I think at that point, an offer from the Niners even at less than 2 mil, with a decent chance of starting is a whole lot better than being unemployed.

Anyway, I think this is a good signing for the Niners. Even though I think Snyder should and will start, having Pashos as a backup makes me feel much better about our O-Line situation

I just wonder if this is the same " 2 million" that Crabgra$$" wants....?

make this official pls kthx
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