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Espn just on--Regular Season Record

Just watching ESPN and heres what they said,

1. Our division was the worst in the NFL and our teams struggled mightily outside the division. Best part of the division, Arizona made it to the Super Bowl.

2. More than 9 wins by Arizona, Seattle wins more than 7 and they, if not Arizona will win the division. Rams no more than 5 wins

3. 7 or less wins for us from Jaws and Gruden,

Jaws: 7 is just the right number, Frank will get the running game goin and pound the football, but the inability to get the explosive plays from the QB will hurt us.

Gruden said: We have a ton of first rounders that really havent come in San Fran and played good in recent years. WE need to see more of Kentwan Balmer, he said again thats why i think even less wins than 7 this year. (During his rant when he talked about first rounders, they showed Lawson, Davis, and Smith, and Balmer)

Speak on it, if a Mod doesnt close it, do you guys agree, regardless of bias's?
until we get a legit, franchise QB, we'll get no respect.
gruden lost all credibility when he still thought julian peterson was on the seahawks lol , surprised nobody stoped him after he said that. I do agree with jaws , 7 is about what i predicted, no franchise QB or pass rushers.

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Sounds about right. It all comes back to the fact that the Niners qb situation just isn't scaring anybody or making anybody believers. Gonna have to prove them wrong. And Gruden is dead on about the 1st rounders. Besides Willis they haven't contributed anything of any significance.
I got my ESPN the mag the other day and they have an NFL preview and in there they have us and the Cards going 6-10 and the seahawks going 10-6 and the Rams 8-8
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I seen that, no respect. No one gives the niners a chance in the division. That's good motivation for the team though. In 06' when everyone was picking us as a sleeper looked how much good it did. I think it's good getting no respect.
Can you tell someone just gave him KB's name at the last second

No major media outlets are gonna give us any respect until either Hill steps up and makes some plays to win games or we prove we can win in spite of our quarterback situation.
Look - if they want to say that the Cardinals are better than us fine. I will even entertain a Seahawks better than us argument, but the Rams???????? Please show me where they have made any improvements.

7 sounds right, but I'd be an untruthful mofo if I said I wasn't wishing for 9 and a division title!
I've long thought that the 9ers would be 7-9 plus minus one win, so I don't have any big issues with their analyses.
I'm tired of everyone jockin the Hawks nuts

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I know what I'm wishing, but, the fact is we've don't nothing to improve our team this year.
7 - 9 sounds about right for conventional wisdom. If Singletary can get them to over achieive like last year 9 - 7 is certainly possible.
Yup, that's about right to me!
Originally posted by Youngone:
I'm tired of everyone jockin the Hawks nuts

Well they are all healthy now and with the addition of Housh and a healthy Hasselbeck they are a better team overall. Only reason they sucked last year is because they were like the Mets, almost all of their starters were out with injuries.

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RESPECT, how can anyone expect RESPECT. The team is in dissaray, they have had how many starting qb's over the past 5 years? How many OC's.

How many first round picks that have not produced any better than a second or third rounder?

Lack of developing talent on roster?

Cannot score enough points to win a game by 10 or more points.

CAnnot beat opponents with a winning record?

Cannot get a pass rush or sack to save their lives.

Presently have 4 starting qb's, that if you shook them up and played either one, the W/L record would be the same??

You want respect.. Ha Ha, untile we have a franchise qb, a WR and a play off appearance, the niners deserve no respect.
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