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Offensive post-game analysis (week 2)

Please use this thread for post-game analysis of the offense as a whole, and/or individual players.

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FIrst one on the nate davis, 49ers savior bandwagon.
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Glenn Coffee!!!

we now have a legit backup for Frank Gore.
WRs certainly didn't impress at all tonight. No separation and didn't get off the LOS well.
passing game was

davis' passes looked nice though
Originally posted by unst4bl3:
FIrst one on the nate davis, 49ers savior bandwagon.

haha, I think he's going to end up being the 3rd qb. We can pick up a guy like Huard during the season if both Hill and Smith go down.
That Alex's main issue is that he is cursed. He plays well and bad things happen. Davis drops a first down, Morgan lets a pass go off his facemask for an int...for some reason the football gods just don't like my boy Smith.
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Say what you will about the level of competition, but Davis performed extremely well when he was asked to. He wasn't asked to play against the 1st strings, he was asked to play against the 2's and 3's. And he did his job, very well.

Same with Sheets and Robinson. Coffee, we already know, is a great RB in the making. How could anybody critique that draft pick?

Great showing overall.
Originally posted by teeohh:
passing game was

davis' passes looked nice though

yea it was totally out of sink. I guess it's another week of guessing
Keep Davis as our third.... Huard will be available if need be....

I don't think any qb pulled away, which is the sad thing. Hill didn't look good, I may have to rewatch though.
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I hope we keep Sheet's on the 53 man roster. We can use that change of pace.

Coffee and Sheets ftw!
Running game looked great, but passing game could use some improvement.
Really hope Snyder is ok. Everytime the 49ers say "knee sprain", I start thinking the worst...
Hard to tell how good our running games is .... the raiders run D sucks....
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