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Offensive post-game analysis (week 2)

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Ziggy came in the same time as him and didn't catch anything.

I still think he makes the team. He just has to show the coaches all over again that he can contribute just as well as the other guys.

I still don't see why they like Spurlock so much.
Originally posted by unst4bl3:
Passing game got better when nate davis and jason hill got in there.. granted 3rd stringers..

Whenever battle is out running routes, he gets no separation at all its so obvious.

I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing this, Battle is just garbage.
Hill was our best Wr today. Everyone else did nothing.
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davis is in the mix, no seperation tonight both parties looked like s**t. whoevers fault the pick was. coffee carried hills sorry performance! how bout that block by smith
Originally posted by fan49:
how bout that block by smith

he and Tebow have been hanging out
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period point blank hill and smith looked like s**t. no seperation. in fact they both took a step back while davis stepped forward.
I still like Hill. He was rather productive last year. I hope he makes the team.
Originally posted by fan49:
davis is in the mix, no seperation tonight both parties looked like s**t. whoevers fault the pick was. coffee carried hills sorry performance! how bout that block by smith

Davis is not in the mix! he did do very well though, and I was excited to see the kid play! Secondly, both QB's looked bad, err, not very good. Both had plays from decent to not so good. Smith's passes were high, and Hill had some that were off-target.

I would like to believe the run game was solid, but Coffee, Robinson, and Sheets were all racking up major yards.

Lastly the block by Smith was a beauty, however, very dumb! He blocks with his "twice repaired" throwing shoulder. Rookie move!
Originally posted by BirdmanJr:
Battle sucks
Smith sucks
Hill was meh
Davis was

Don't be biased, Hill didn't look much better if any better then Smith did
I think I might have been the first to post, some time back, that Davis would end up being the starting QB before the season was over.

My reasoning was that this offense is going to need a QB who is quick, can run around, can fire the ball into tight spaces and win games on his own. None of the others can do that.

The 9ers are confirming that their games are going to be close, that the conservative mind set will keep even inferior teams in the game. How can a team push an awful opponent all over the field, rush for what, 300 yards maybe, and still almost lose?

Davis saved this game and he will be called upon to save others. He may save the coaching staff as well.

umm... no!

oh and one more thing... no!

Next time you toot your horn... no!
Originally posted by Hopper:
Hill's rhythm was thrown off because he didn't start, but he still should be the favorite over Smith. Our run game was outstanding. The Wr's sucked, please more Jason Hill and less suck arnaz "no separation"battle. He's garbage.

his rythm was disrupted? sorry but thats an excuse. smith dealt with the same thing last week. the truth is one of these guys shouldve stepped up and niether of them did. they both looked bad, i thought hill looked worse. we need one of them to be GOOD, not just better than the other guy.

nate davis is not going to be starter for this team this year unless smith and hill are both injured.

i like him too, but he's not ready. he won't be playing against the raiders 4th string defense in the regular season.
i vote for some light tooting
Hooray for the running game...

Smith int was on the Morgan,if you get your hands on it...catch the damn ball....

Neither QB looked like a starter...

O line looked great run blocking, pass blocking, not so much...

Run D played well...

Surprise, surprise, Roman blew a cover two assignment...

Guys and Gals, we might just have the deepest backfield in football with Gore, Coffee, Robinson and Sheets...

Bottom line, one of these QB's needs to step it up, Hill looked worse than Smith and he has been out of football for 18 months. We owe the win tonight to Coffee/Robinson/Sheets, tonight we won despite the passing game.
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