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Originally posted by zozell:
If we have our 12th man on the field with us again.... WE GOT THIS!!! lol

LOL, that was hilarious.
Coffee will have a coming out party
49ers- 35
Rams- 10

Shaun Hill's gonna have at least 2 TD's...Vernon at least 1 TD catch
...Coffee and Sheets will combine for 200 yard on the ground
...And the defense will have at least 2 turnovers and hold the Rams to less than 150 total yards on offense

Im calling it
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A preview of what's to come?

Originally posted by frenchmov:

by the way, what is the deal with chris long? he's not even a starter? awful draft pick. i guess they could say the same about alex :(

No so much that, defensive tackles/ends take forever to develop (they have to bulk up to NFL form), so it takes about 3-4 years to determine whether they are busts or not (It took Warren Sapp and Reggie White at least 2-3 years before they each went to the Pro Bowl). We drafted Kentwan Balmer that same year and he isn't even a solidified starter yet (but a rotation player).

But yeah, from what I've seen thus far Chris Long does suck, he's just too undersized to be a dominant pass-rusher in the sort of D spagz is running down there.
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If boller starts this game will not be a blow out. Boller made some nice throws today for the rams. I hate to say this but I would rather bulger be taking snaps and not boller. Boller seems like he has something to prove and he is focused. He was completely awful with the ravens, he was different today.

I don't think the rams game is an easy win for the 49ers.
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Before the season started I looked at the schedule and checked this game as a win. The way the niners played against the vikings I don't see anything that would change that.
mother f**k the rams

I need a 20+ point victory to get that god damn favre play out of my head
With our offensive line I don't want to see this 60-40. I really want to see a more balanced attack and I don't want to throw short of the 1st down marker on 3rd down. This dumping it off short and expecting the receiver to get YAC to reach the 1st down marker is driving me nuts ...... just throw to someone beyond the 1st down marker.

I want to see the RAMS go down hard in our yard. GO 49ERS.
I really want the 49ers to come out & dominate early & put this game outta reach early.

Yea.. Sing really needs to have the team ready for this one.

But without Gore our offense could come out sluggish and give the Rams some confidence. They might be 0-3 but they have been alive the last two games in the 4th quarter. We seen last year in St Louis what happened when we went in their house sleep walking and turned the ball over..

With that said if we come out with our A game and win the turnover battle we will win by atleast 2 scores.
Originally posted by phatbutskinny:
Originally posted by King49er:
Never count a Division Rival out, no matter how bad they are not ever overlook another nfl division rival no matter how s**tty. for all we know, shaun hill can have the worst game of his life

We need to play the best game of the year next week. We are in no position to take an opponent lightly. Keep scoring, and dont sit on the ball when we have a 3 point lead.
its raye's bs playcalling that pisses me off. lets say were up by 10 all hes gonna do is sit on it and not call the gm that got us up by 10 and continue to pour it on. its like blow outs are a way of disrespecting a team. its amazing how we drive so well when we need that td to be up in the 4th and when were leading were a complete different offense. i really hope to see a gm called by raye where i dont have to say wtf or know whats coming time and time again
Originally posted by ads_2006:
This is a really, really big game for the 49ers

I hope they dont come out with the "Yeah, its just the Rams" mentality.

The redskins probably thought the same things these past two weeks.

We need to come out and execute to the fullest, if we do that, then its a blow-out.

A potential problem I see, is if the Rams put up a fight and we are not where we thought we should be ( up like 15 points) that the players will start to press and make mistakes.

Hopefully, the team realizes that not too long ago teams were thinking this about them. It may be the Rams but with Gore out and a couple of our starting linemen banged up, it becomes closer than I want. I'm sure the team will have a chip on their shoulder and be ready to play after losing a heartbreaker but we gotta smack em in the mouth.
The Niners need to win a game that isn't "ugly". I would like to see some consistent drives with 3rd down conversions with a score at the end that isn't a field goal. If the Niners can't get a "pretty" win against one of the worse, if not worst, team in the league then I will be disappointed.
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