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Originally posted by tohara3:
I can't wait for this game. Gonna be a great test for the 49ers!

A great test indeed

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I respect Brett Favre very much as a QB, he's one of the better ones to ever play the game. That said, I hope Patrick Willis hits him so damn hard that his f**king head pops off....
really nervous about this game. AP and their d-line scares me, but i really think favre breaks down this game and throws a couple INT's after trying to make plays he simply cannot. agreed this will be a great test for the 9ers

GO 9ers !
I hope Willis WRECKS Brett Favre
If we can contain Peterson and Harvin I like our chances.
Originally posted by jrg:

i really don't know what to think of this game
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you think Farve will serve up another one of these to PWilly?!?
I'm confident, we will make more adjustments in practice this and have our sh*t together this week
I'll be at the game...... hell yea.............. can't wait to see our boys live....

Originally posted by jrg:

hope so. Tho I think I'd put more value in a win against Atlanta than Minn. Still, 3-0 sounds awesome then possibly 4-0 if the team doesnt overlook the rams (and i'm sure singletary won't let them).
We can win this game with Solid Defensive play.. as long as we can hold AP under 100 yards we got a shot at winning the game
If the Lions could dominate these guys for most of the first half today, then I'd say we have a good shot. As usual, I expect our defense to be ferocious, and the offense to look ugly, but we'll manage just enough to win.

49ers 21-17

At the rate our defense is playing, we have the tools to go 4-1 into the bye week. -If we magically shock the world and cap 5-0 we're going to the playoffs for sure.
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Unless we blow them out, everyone will still have doubts about this team.

This grindhouse stuff will not work against the league's best teams.

Our passing game has to show up at some point.
Our passing game has to show up this time.
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