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Jacksonville, Miami and Minnesota NEW Uniforms....

I like the Vikings new uniforms. Although, I'm not sure about the Jags and Dolphins. I would like the Dolphins to have more orange. I'm also not feeling the Jags two-toned helmets.


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the jags gray colored manikin doesn't sit well with me.
The Vikings one is nice and fresh.

The Jags one will take some getting used to but is cool

The Fins one is bad, they really need an orange alt
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Jags shoulda gone flat black on the helmet
The Fins uniform is god awful, jeez.
thank god im not a dolphin fan
Glad the Vikings went back to basics. The white stripes in the jersey was weird.

The Dolphins were better off with the angry dolphin, even if it looked special. Those new ones look like a powder puff football team.
Jags still look like s**t, Miami ruined theirs, and I can't tell what Minnesota changed.
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Jags - I love the away whites. The home jerseys look okay ... something about them that I don't like. I guarantee the helmet will be changed to full black in a year once they realize how stupid of an idea the half gold half black thing is.

Dolphins - I think this is a case where they were going for something simple, but they ended up with something very bland, instead. The numbers make the whole thing look bad. The helmet looks good, though. The white helmet white face mask looks interesting in a good way.

Vikings - Glad they went back to a more classic look. Their recent jersey looked too arena football for my liking.
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Who designed these things, some guy on acid?

I actually like the Jags two-toned helmet.

Miami's uniform just looks bland.
Jags seem to be changing their unis a lot...not sure but this would be the 3 time i like 5 years....

Miami's unis.....

still better then the broncos....lolz...
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i like the dolphins uniform but the logo looks like a limp dildo.
old dolphin logo is way better.
I like the Dolphins jerseys
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