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When I first read about what these were supposed to look like, I thought Nike had come up with some revolutionary paint where it's one color if you're looking from one angle, and changes completely from another angle.

The whole thing sounded great on paper

Then I saw one for the first time...and I originally thought they had pulled it off, that I was seeing an image of a helmet morphing from one color to the other based on where you are in relation to it

Then I saw them some more and realized that nope, all they did was color the helmet half gold, half black lol

What kills me is that it wouldn't look as terrible if the half and half paint job was down down the center of the helmet, splitting the left and right sides, that might have actually worked

This thing just looks silly though lol

I thought the same thing; that Nike had applied a flop finish to the helmets, which I would have loved. It can be done. That finish comes standard on a lot of guitars. I've seen it done aftermarket on a few cars. Dare I say, such a finish would look slick on a Niners helmet. Think a helmet that goes gold to silver depending on which angle the light hits. That'd be boss-level. Jags' helmet just looks sloppy.