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Do You Want Delanie Walker Back?

Do You Want Delanie Walker Back?

Would love to have Delanie back at the right price.
Originally posted by Marvin49:
I honestly believe that anyone who doesn't want him back doesn't understand his role on the team. He's far more than the #2 TE.

I understand his role on the team. But I think he'll get starter money elsewhere. He's not worth $3-4M per year.

His role is important, but replaceable. Personally, I'd like to see more of Bruce Miller. He's just as good a blocker as Delanie and not a bad pass catcher. Add in Anquan Boldin for those touch catches in traffic and I think you have effectively replaced Walker.
I want him back ....the guy is a swiss army knife, lets keep him on the roster
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he gone
End thread.
Needed to catch the ball better, but I still will miss his blocking and special team play
Is it legal for football players to run their routes holding a monkey that can catch footballs?

If so, then yes.
he's a titan now. hope he learns how to catch

@AdamSchefter: Tennessee signed former 49ers TE Delanie Walker to a 4-year, 17.5 million deal that included $8.6 million guaranteed.
10 catches on 10 targets for 91 yards and a TD

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hell yes
I could live with his occasional drops after seeing our offense drop off after him leaving
No we can't afford him. He is doing well because their O features him. Ours wouldn't. So nothing would be any different. He would snatch two brilliant catches and drop two simple ones.
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