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Do You Want Delanie Walker Back?

Do You Want Delanie Walker Back?

Just to gauge fan opinion...

I understand how versatile Delanie Walker is, but he's not always reliable. Personally, I think we can find another option whether it be in free agency or the draft.
Not the greatest tight end but I like him on special teams. If I can overlook the drops yes I want him back. Just because the guy can do it all pretty much.
he's so versatile. he can block, play ST, and catch. (sometimes)

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Yes! He's going to need a solid camp (practicing) catching passes from Kap...
Yes. He's a good player who shouldn't be too expensive to sign. He's versatile enough to line up at TE-WR-FB. Needs to work on his hands, but he's a playmaker and a pretty good in-line/lead blocker. He's also a great special teams player.
if tje price is right
I want him back.
yes, def, but not at a high cost
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I do want him back. If he learned how to catch a pass he would be dangerous as hell in this offense. He was getting tons of separation in the last half of the season, and could've been huge for us other than the blocking and ST if he could just catch. With better hands he'd be a huge weapon, but who knows if he can develop those skills better.
If we do re-sign him he better spend all offseason one the juggs machine. Take Whitner, Carlos and some of the other guys with too.

I honestly believe that anyone who doesn't want him back doesn't understand his role on the team. He's far more than the #2 TE.
Mixed feelings. We know the things he can do well, but he has awful hands and his presence takes away from the number of passes being thrown Vernon's way.
Yes..he is extremely versatile..if we don't bring him back, I'll gladly take Jordan Reed in the 3rd..not AS versatile but played H-back quite a bit at Florida and has better hands
Phoenix49ers would absolutely LOVE to have him back
Im not in love with him due to the dropsies but he does fit this system and he is so versatile. If he had better hands, he'd be a handful
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