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***NFL Wild Card Playoff Weekend Thread***

Originally posted by LisaTwelve:
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
Yup. Clemons already tore his ACL.

I assume there will be more suspensions for that PED ring Chete has going on.

What is it now? FIVE players have already been caught during his tenure? I doubt that is a coincidence. Sleezy Petey.

Browner, Sherman, Winston Guy, John Moffit and Allen Barbe.... The real Damn dirty

'T is unfortunate. Hopefully, they have learned a lesson. They aren't the first and likely won't be the last on any team or in any sport to make a severe error in judgement in order to gain an edge.

One or two i can understand, but FIVE!

That is a cheating ring. Ask Lance Armstrong. Or his teammates.

I doubt they are learning their lesson with Chete Carrol around.
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DirtyHawks vs DirtyBird should have some good fights in the WR/DB position.
Originally posted by richierichard:
I'd love to see Sherman take on a big, physical receiver like Boldin and watch boldin knock him on his a$$.

boldin bigger than Megatron, B Edwards, wouldn't happen my man.
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Originally posted by Young2Rice:
There's nothing silly about saying the outcome would have been different with a healthy RGIII. You played against a team with no QB. Its just fact, not silly. And that QB at 85% was killing your defense. Once he got injured, there was a clear drop off.

Thats like saying the Niners are legit if the beat an Rogerless packer team on Sat. It wouldn't mean much but an advancement to the next round which it does for Seattle. Thats the problem with Seattle fans. Want credit? For what? Going 11-5, runner up in the division, beating up a division champ and home, and barely beating a team with no QB...

What is there to give credit for? Win a championship and come back looking for credit. Your fans called niners pretenders all the way up to and after teh NFCC game last year but all of a sudden you guys want some credit...

You won't get it from meaningless wins. Not from here and not from the experts either.

unfortunately i have to agree with all of this, and that makes me very unhappy....
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