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***NFL Wild Card Playoff Weekend Thread***

Is Goodwin snapping ball?
What the heck is up with these bad snaps?
Originally posted by IdahoNiner:
You shut your dirty mouth right now. Youll jinx our run ....

I'm stating facts, fool
That should be a flag, haven't called for one yet but that's an obvious call man.
he freakin tackled him lol
Their center is killing their QB's, WTF?
Seattle DB's getting away with PI there
nice no call for seattle.
Originally posted by ads_2006:
Is Goodwin snapping ball?

how is that not PI?

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lol Trufant got away with murder
LMAO at no PI call. lol
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Originally posted by jcashen87:
Seattle DB's getting away with PI there

getting away with s**t all night
this is it.
Josh Morgan, so glad we didn't re-sign you.
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