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***NFL Wild Card Playoff Weekend Thread***

Originally posted by vaden:
Originally posted by IdahoNiner:
Are you serious? you cant be serious?

Dead serious. I've said from the start that RG3 had a dangerous arrogance about his abilities. It's how he got hurt to begin with, running with such recklessness.

Do you have any idea how the chain of command works in football? You do understand that RG3 is a competitor and withh do anything his coach asks of him? includeing putting his body in harms way?

How is it any differant than Frank Gore? Gut had a broken f**king hip and we had to pretty much take his helmet away. NFL players are competitors at the highest level. It is a coaches responsibility to see when they are too injured to play, or are hurting their team with their inability to play.
RB missed blitz pickup, game over.
Good playcall on 4th down
ruined my sunday
nice blitz pick up there #22.
Royster with a great blitz pickup
RB whiffed on the blitz pick up
What a sad way to lose. I honestly think the better team lost today. Bad coaching.
seahawks vs 49ers nfcchampion round?

Dammit I really want to beat the Seahawks. I hope we make it through against the Packers.
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Originally posted by Rocket4989:
seahawks vs 49ers nfcchampion round?

No. Atlanta will beat them.
The last time the Seahawks won a road playoff game, Curt Warner was on the team
Originally posted by pdizo916:
Originally posted by IdahoNiner:
You shut your dirty mouth right now. Youll jinx our run ....

I'm stating facts, fool

I kno, im just fooling with you, my implication as that if seattle beats ATL youll junx it and they will be superbowl bound.
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