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Calvin breaks Jerry's yardage record...thoughts?

How does Stafford not have better stats with one of the best players in the league

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Jerry said that he owns 40 NFL records and he didn't mind giving up one to Megatron. I agree with the announcers last night, that most of his yards were meaningless because the Lions suck so bad this year. Still, Megatron is a great player who has no one else on his team to take attention away from opposing defenses, just like Adrian Peterson. Have to give credit where credit is due.
i remember a few years ago when calvin put up 13 td's with orlovsky at qb for the 0-16 lions and i told a few people that he was the best wide receiver in the game... they all looked at me like i was insane
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Bound to happen, it is more of a passing league now than it was when Rice played. In Rice's prime 4,000 yard passers were rare, now they are common place. Also Detroit doesn't have much to go with Johnson, he is the offense. I am sure he would trade the record for a chance to be a Super Bowl contender.
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You're on the Lions and have to live in Detriot so yeah, the curse still applies.

But that was already the case before he was on the cover, so.. can't blame that on Madden..
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A lot easier to do that in this era than it was when Jerry did it
I bet it gets broken in the next 5 years again, by AJ Green or by Megatron again

Jerry will still always be the GOAT
He has like 45 other records, I doubt he cares
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I'm not going to hate.He earned it and plays the game the right way.
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Kevin Seifert ‏@espn_nfcnblog

Smart analysis of Megatron's 'garbage yards' RT: @billbarnwell: Today at @grantland33:
Congrats! With that being said if we didn't run the football, throw to other receivers, or had a good team that won and actually didn't have to play catchup in the 4th Qtr, Jerry Rice would have way over 2500 yds.

big difference is Rice did it on a winning team playing meaningful games, CJ did it playing on a crap team getting stats in garbage time against soft zone defenses.
Respect the accomplishment. But how in the hell does a 6'5" over 200 pound receiver run a route with nobody covering him ?
rice is da man.....

Calvin Johnson = LeBron James of WR's
Jerry Rice = Michael Jordan of WR's
Originally posted by H41L5ATAN:

Calvin Johnson = LeBron James of WR's
Jerry Rice = Michael Jordan of WR's

Good analogy.
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