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*** WEEK 12 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 11/22 - 11/26 ***


okay kittens get this win....i want both TX teams to lose today
hahaha what a game
You cant even make this s**t up!
anyone see this guy? I wouldn't be able to watch if I were a Lions fan as well....but they came through.

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lmao @ that INT
lions wow
The way this game has played out, I knew that INT was coming ... it'll be interesting to see what the ruling will be.
f**king Lions, win already
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First team that scores wins now, correct?
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I want a tie. f**k both these teams
Originally posted by mayo49:
First team that scores wins now, correct?

Lol wow
takeaway party
Hey, according to the Seattle vs. Green Bay Game, shouldn't that be a reception, not an interception?
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