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Steve Spurrier thinks Alabama could compete in NFL right now

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My high school team could compete in the NFL too! We will all probably broken and paralyzed.
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Drug test him now
this topic comes up every year.................................

bama can't beat Jacksonville or Kansas City.
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Man I would really love to see this happen, that would be so crazy if Alabama played the KC Chiefs and won.
Talk about Fantasy Football!

Many years ago they used to have a scrimmage game I believe it was in late summer.

It was the College all stars vs. the NFL champions.

It was so competitive and good almost nobody remembers it. Total SUCK.

Spurrier says that because he was an Epic Fail in the pros.
Bama would be lucky to gain a yard against the worst NFL defense/team. You're highly underestimating these professionals who are the best of the best from college.
College football = NFL in slow motion.
Originally posted by SFTifoso:
College football = NFL in slow motion.

oregons offense = regular speed in NFL
Originally posted by gold49digger:
Originally posted by SFTifoso:
College football = NFL in slow motion.

oregons offense = regular speed in NFL

I'd like to see one of their RBs outrun Patrick Willis.
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Originally posted by Young2Rice:
Originally posted by fortyninerglory:
Originally posted by Young2Rice:

No way my man. You are talking about 18-21 year olds vs fully grown adult males. Who the f**k is going to tackle Adrian Peterson on Alabama?

Ray Lewis could kill some of these guys, on the field that is.

What are you talking about. The question is Bama vs. the worst NFL offense. Cmon we're not that stoopid.

Plus 18-21 year old can lay a whoopin on even the most fit "adult" males. Look at Mike Tyson, look at a lot of MMA fighters, and look at a lot of rookies in the NFL today :)

Maybe one or two guys in College who are elite can match up with NFL players, but if you have to throw 22 guys out there, more often then not, a guy in the NFL is going to dominate whoever he is facing.

These guys don't train, and aren't allowed to, harder then NFL players. They don't eat as good and probably most drink beer and party etc...
That and the average college player takes 2-3 years to develop to his full potential in the NFL, and no college team has 45 NFL players on it's roster. NFL offenses and defenses are far more sophisticated than college ones. Also dominate college teams have better athletes than their opponents, that would be reversed against a pro team. They would get beaten down mentally and physically. Alabama would get creamed even playng the Kansas City Chiefs, they would be lucky to not get shut out.

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