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Cam Newton - NFL's #1 Crybaby?

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Reminds me of Lebron. I don't care for him either. But they do understand what being a good teammate and empathy means but they are just childish and arrogant underneath it all because they have lived as manchildren with much success previously. He's got Lebron written all over him
Couldnt agree more.. Lebron would be great if took the game as series as lets say Kobe does.. and if Cam took the game as serious as Brady or Manning then he would be great.. Both of them are "me first" guys.. waste of talent..

Did you not watch any basketball this past year?
I think he's starting to get the important stuff more. But that falling they did last year in the finals taints any respect I would reserve for them. I still hate Lebron.
He will be canonized if he gets another with the attitude he displayed during the Celtics series.
Wonder what wonders head coach Greg Roman will do for him
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wouldve been funnier if he was making a face right after the guy passes in front of him.
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Wonder what wonders head coach Greg Roman will do for him

If Roman wants a Super Bowl, he knows where to stay.

Too many coaches jump at head coaching jobs just for the money and prestige. I understand its a promotion, and you can put it on your resume, etc, but the smart ones are the guys who realize whether or not it suits them. I dont know if Roman is HC material, but this offseason wont be his last chance to get that promotion. Stick around a while and see if you can build a Super Bowl winner in SF.

Im still annoyed at Norv Turner for being too stupid to realize he sucks at being a HC after 2 stints of pure failure, and taking that Chargers job. It seems like hes the only one who knows hes no good at being a HC. Great OC, bad coach. stick to what youre good at.
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