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Aw hells no Sando/M-Rob

Originally posted by 9erred:
Everyone needs to chill, we have Whitner comparing Tolzien to Drew Brees.

Simply players trying to instill confidence in young players, trying to help them envision themselves as becoming the "best".

I would take Tolzien being Drew Brees, why not?

If the other LB gets close to PW (like Navaroo has) good for him.

that's different though, we all know tolzien is a back up. mrob was willis' teammate. whitner was saying it in terms of how tolzien commands the line of scrimmage and what not.
Originally posted by Rocket4989:

baby p.willis?

All I see is him getting blocked out of plays and pumping his fist when someone else makes a tackle. At 0:57, Willis is dropping the RB immediately, not taking him for a ride and letting go when he cant bring him to the turf.

BOOOO Seattle!
SEA having a baby patrick willis, dont make me laugh. Bowman better than all of SEA's LBs
Originally posted by belabartok:
Quit being such a homer. No, Wagner will probably not be as good as Willis but it's not out of the question either. Believe it or not, the 31 other NFL teams also contain quality players, some of which are better than 49er players. It's hard to believe, I know.

Now that's funny.

I wouldn't read too much into it, he was complimenting his potential, not how good he is now. Willis is a proven monster and Wagner is a promising rookie. I'm hopeful, but I'll believe Wagner is the real deal when he's doing K-Swiss commercials with Danny McBride.
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Originally posted by slidingswhiz:
SEA having a baby patrick willis, dont make me laugh. Bowman better than all of SEA's LBs

We hear something like this every year from the Sqauwks or their fans.

First it was Curry/Willis blah blah blah.
Then it was Irvin/Aldon Smith blah blah blah.
Now it's Wagner/Willis blah blah blah.

Hmmm, I am noticing a pattern of day late and dollar short developing.

And you are correct...Bowman is better than any LB thing on that need to even bring Willis into this. lol

Hell, come to think of's the best LB core in the league. Everyone of em' is better than anything on that roster. I mean, whose the big boy over there... Leroy Hill????

wtf lol
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We should be flattered that they think highly of our guys. He's not trying to disrespect Willis in any way he's trying to boost confidence in his guys.
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Well, the Wagner highlight vid about put me to sleep. So I needed a dose of Willis highlight porn to zap me back into reality about what the real deal looks like. Now I feel better...

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MRob just pulling a little Harbaugh style mind mind game with his teammate. Just trying to give the rook some confidence. Don't think he has the game yet to be compared to P-52, but it doesn't really matter anyway. We will see how well he plays if he even wins the starting job over veteran Barrett Ruud.
So glad we got rid of him. He was the ST captain for his leadership, not because of his play. He'll be out of the league in a couple years.

I didn't like the Wagner pick though. He'll be a good player for them.
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