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Any other teams you root for sometimes..........

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Iam rooting for the Redskins to become respectable and for Josh Morgan to reach the potential most of us wanted him to achieve as a 49er. But when the 49ers loose It hurt more than anything else.
Gold blooded, only red and gold.
You've got to be kidding.
Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
The Patriots and my boy Tom Brady

This and I thought I was the only one
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I s**t on other teams.
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There are other teams????????
I'll admit I like to see the Raiders do well, as long as the Niners are. If the Niners are losing then f*ck the Raiders.They're like our little retarded step brothers on the other side of the bay. Root for teams that if they win it will benefit us. The Packers because it might be the best and classiest organizations in all sports and Aaron is a local and my friend played with him at PV.
Ive also loved watching the Ravens ever since they won the superbowl.
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My brother and I(both Texas Exes) watch Longhorn games together via phone. Since he lives 15 mins from Jerry jones theme park and is a huge 9er fan( we sat in the Miami section at Stanford and watched our DL maul Marino), he asked if I minded if he became a cowboy fan. "Nah" i said. Then he asked if I would at least not root AGAINST the cowboys...unless they are playing the 9ers. I acquiesced...reluctantly. Incidentally, he thinks Big jer is a great marketer and a jerk/ team destroyer.

HIs favorite coach? Jim Harbaugh. With credentials like that, I can manage to pull for the cowboys against Philly, Skins, and NYG....but that's it.
I just don't comprehend the topic of this thread. You all SERIOUSLY pull for other teams????? I might want a team to win for an afternoon to help us in the standings or point spread but ROOT for them?! Second favorite team?! What, do you have those other team jerseys in your closets too? That's called fair weather/bandwagon in my book. Some of you even said the punk ass raiders and cowboys.... Seriously? You might as well go out for drinks with the guy your wife left you for. Sorry I think that's disgusting, but that's just me.

I have ONE mother. I have ONE family. I didn't choose where or to who I was born. Football fan by choice; red & gold blood by the grace of God. Like I always say, I don't have any Niners tattoos. I have Niners birth marks.

I'm done with this one. You guys are making me feel like if my brother got married, changed HIS last name and started talking in the British accent of his new wife.
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I tried to.. Only teams that could come close was anyone vs the raiders.

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None...i have found it impossible to root for another NFL team.. I do root for WSU though.

Go Cougs!
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I root for ANY team to beat the cavs,browns,cowgirls,bengals and buckeyes.I hate them all.I wish they could go winless every season.f**k em

I also rooted for LBJ because of how everybody s**tted on that he won one,meh.hated him in cleveland doe.
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I root for my Georgia Bulldogs every Saturday
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