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Any other teams you root for sometimes..........

My wife and I recently went on a trip to Canton to check out the hall of fame. We had a chance to talk to a few Browns fans and they were all really respectful, knew football and actually told me they all respected and enjoyed the way the Niners play the game. It made me have a new respect for them and now I will root for the Browns to do well....except againts us of course!
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Are you Michael Crabtree?


Mix in a few weights this off-season Mike.
the opponents of seattle, arizona, st. louis, oakland, and dallas. if they're playing each other, prefer the team with the worse record to win.
I hate all other teams.

and sometimes even hate the niners when they lose.

I WANT WINNERS !!!!!!!!!!
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Niners! f**k the rest!
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Niners! f**k the rest!

Ravens.. Enjoyed watching that defense when i was younger. Trent Dilfer is from Aptos and Fresno St. Love the U players. Most recently the other Harbaugh. I will always love my niners though
What ever team the Raiders play. I become a fan of. and also I like to follow former niners who move on to different teams. like last year i was pulling for the bengals because of Nate and Manny.
Packers & Eagles, just cause of my two buddies.
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The Steelers are still kind of my "other team". I used to root for them big time back in the seventies because they were the only team that beat the hated Raiders and Cowboys on a regular basis.
bengals, i like the direction that young team is headed in. Their first round picks were stupid tho, instead of picking kirkpatrick and zeitler they could of got janoris jenkins and decastro
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The Axis of Evil -- Cowboys, Raiders, Packers -- I root for the other og AAFL team.

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Niners! f**k the rest!

Agreed. I do like some individual players on other teams though.
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Any team that is playing the other NFC West teams during the season.
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