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Hard Knocks to feature The Miami Dolphins - will you be watching

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I'll watch, watched KC and their team was boring as hell at the time. Honestly I think the NFL with start a hard knocks like thing for all teams as they are always looking for ways to give fans more access to their favorite teams for a fee.
if you like Football , you will watch it
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Jake Long, Reggie Bush, Vontae Davis, Ryan Tannahill... Without having to Google search those are the top names that come to mind.


Jake Long is the best Tackle in football, Reggie is above all else an exciting player to watch, Vontae is lil bro, and Ryan Tannahill should have been a 2nd or 3rd round pick who was chosen in the Top 10 out of desperation... Don't hate because you don't have HBO!
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Surprised you have internet.

Dial up ftw
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Hellll Naaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! It was tough enough to watch the Niners be horrible for 9 years. Why would I go out my way to watch another team be horrible?

I'd rather watch 2 people fish than that crap.

i think this starts tonight.
Chad ochocinco is always good 4 tv
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if you like Football , you will watch it


I don't care about baseball but I watched that Miami Marlins version of Hard Knocks the other day.

If it was just a highlight show or NFL Network coverage of their training camp, it wouldn't interest me. But the structure of these 24/7/Hard Knocks shows are great.
i would rather watch my nut hairs grow.

yall think the Dolphins will do horrible this year huh?

I think they'll surprise some folks... I think Garrard will make Chad look good again.

"The Franchise" on Showtime featuring the Miami Marlins = D.O.A. (team had trade deadline firesale before the 1st episode even aired)

I expect the same from HBO and the Dolphins
lol..i saw the opening included nice shots of South Beach and girls in bikinis...
show was actually entertaining.
Im a 49er fan 1st and 2nd and a football fan 3rd.
lol no i will not be watching lol. Dolphins are the softest team in the nfl.
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