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NFL great Junior Seau dead?

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Cops in Oceanside, CA are investigating a possible shooting involving former NFL star Junior Seau .

We spoke with an investigator in the coroner's office .. who told us they got a call to respond to the scene ... though the details surrounding the situation are still unclear.

Cops are currently at a residence where 43-year-old Junior is believed to be staying.

People in law enforcement are telling us Junior Seau is dead ... but we are unable to confirm that right now. Here's the link
RIP Junior Seau
Damn he tried this before when he drove off a cliff. The best sign that someone is suicidal is prior attemps....

RIP I loved the player and wished he was a niner always.
RIP Junior Seau my favorite non-49er.

RIP, He was a good player...
wow!!!! texting charger fans ...... now

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say what again?
Thats really sad. RIP Junior.
why isnt ESPN breaking this news?
I find it odd that espn or nfl .com doesnt have this posted anywhere on the sites as of now
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