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Report: Eagles put CB Samuel on trading block

I'm not saying we should pursue him as I really like our young guys and do not want to hinder their development but he is still a gamer. Where do you guys think he'd fit? I'm thinking somebody like Detriot would be a good landing spot.
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It has to be a team with lot of cap room. I see maybe to Denver.
I know houston is in cap trouble BUT they should have traded Ryans for Samuel and not 2 -3rds or whatever they got.
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lets trade alex for him.
Trade Dixon for him.
Do not want, he may be one of the worst tackling corners in the NFL.
Originally posted by susweel:
Trade Dixon for him.

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been on the trading block since last year
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Originally posted by afflecksloverboy:
been on the trading block for the last 3 years

this lol

Is best in zone schemes
4 time pro bowler, and still only 31. I don' think the Eagles will ask to much for him. I think he will be a solid starter for a good 3-4 more years.
What do you guys think?
he is doue 9.7mil in cap space and isnt all that good. no thanks lol past his prime
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