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I'm starting believe that the Broncos are going to the Superbowl instead of the Pats or Texans....they are playing really good football, because Peyton Manning is still himself!

Peyton Manning will choke in the playoffs like he always does.

he actually has a defense to back him up this time though.
fuk them, but objective, anyone else think the Cowboys are on the up-trend at the right time of the season? if they win out, they'll probably win the NFCE and have some serious momentum going into the playoffs and will be overlooked by most.... the murray injury will be a blessing in disguise because now he'll be fresh. they'll do some damage IMO...

remaining schedule

vs. Saints
@ Redskins

Saints are on a down trend, i think dallas beats them. Redskins is a winnable game also, their D is weak.... Yeah Romo has a tendency of choking in big games..... but still........ who knows.
"McElroy is what he is - a game-manager who could at the very best "Dilfer" a team to a Super Bowl if the NFL still had the same passing rules of 10 years ago."
--->Anyone who could explain to me what he is exactly referring to?
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Good job NFL AM on replacing that horse face girl with this latina goddess lol
Beanie Wells is using week 17 as an audition for free agency... lulz.
Originally posted by H41L5ATAN:

i like the old one better. The dolphin looks soft.
Is Randall Cobb injured for the Packers? It would be much better for the Vikings if he wasnt able to play this weekend
lulz at that logo....
Looks like a whale!

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and TJ Yates
and Alex Smith
Jason La Canfora ‏@JasonLaCanfora
Congrats to RGIII. sounds like he is the only rookie to be on the Pro Bowl teams announced tonite.

Jason La Canfora ‏@JasonLaCanfora
sorry, Blair Walsh made it as well. so two rookies total. sorry, wasnt exactly focused on kickers

BREAKING: @Denver_Broncos Peyton Manning and Champ Bailey selected to their 12th Pro Bowls according to league sources.
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