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***AFC Championship*** Ravens @ Pats

Originally posted by dwett:
Man I hate it when QBs through the ball out of bounds on 4th down. At least throw it down the middle towards someone and see what happens.

I agree, but I think he was in the process of being sacked and couldn't really throw it anywhere else due to his body position.
Wow. Reed coming through.
HUGE play by Reed
ravens offense has a decent running game, but that patriots defensive is tough! ravens offensive looks like its either a big play or its nothing.

tom brady has lost a bit of accuracy it seems like.

and what a play by ed reed!
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Ed motherf**king Reed!

now c'mon Flacco!
lets see if flacco can pull off an alex smith comeback!

I see a big play by torrey smith!
edleman on boldin

Originally posted by ads_2006:
edleman on boldin

Terrible throw by Flacco too.
i thought edleman was a WR?
Originally posted by denali22:
i thought edleman was a WR?

Two way player.

Originally posted by niners94:
Two way player.

three way actually if you count ST

i didnt know there were any of those players left! last one i remember was troy brown i think..also with the pats

ANQUAN BOLDIN! holy crap that looked JUST like vernon davis!
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The Ravens can do it!
Damn, Boldin beast mode. Doin' his best VD imitation.
Ravens are gonna win
lol edleman
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