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gregg just join the rams

So many corrections in this terrible thread. Williams is a good DC. The rams do not have the personnel to scare anyone... yet.
Saints had gave up many big plays this season, yet 49ers had more sacks and picks.
Here's a little something I found just a minute ago ... makes sense to me.

35 minutes ago - by Larry Holder - Shanie: Opponents solved Williams' defense LB Scott Shanle on the Saints defense recently:
"When you run the type of defenses we ran with Gregg (Williams) in the division, you start to get teams that understand what
you're doing and all start to scheme you the same way. ... After a while, it starts to get tough to play defense when you feel like
teams are (ready) week in and week out when you blitz so much."
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Lol @ just gregg, gets me everytime I see this thread
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