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The Paper Bag Saints

I am 40 - I remember the REAL Saintfan; these 500 "faithful" fans that filled their dome each home game are the only fans we should indulge in conversation with - they have their paper bags, which used to envelop their embarrassed faces from decades of incredulous football play, comfortably stashed in the trunks of their '79 Pintos desperately waiting to be used again…

The Saints may have a white collared strength behind them; Mr. Who Dat, (I can't f'n stand that s**t btw) but this game is going to be earned. They WILL NOT come in and do us, in our house, the way they did the Lions in way!

After what is sure to be an epic battle, one that would force King Leonidas to take notice, when the Brees clears, the 49ers will look around the stadium and hear millions, AND MILLIONS, of the 9rs fans chanting….

Finally, the 9rs have come BACK, to the NFC Championship Game!

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Thats a long chant
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We need to embarrass them, so their fans put the bags back on. I remember those also, been watching football since the 60's.
We need to remind them why it was a good thing they left the NFC West.
what's worse, fans that show displeasure by going to games with paper bags on their heads, signifying they want change or fans that just don't show up?
I miss the saint days of Bobby Hebert, Jim Everett, Jim Mora, Ditka, Wade Wilson ETC.

Was fun to cream them.
When the Brees clears...
f**k the saints
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