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Greg Manusky fired!

f**k Manunsky for talking s**t about the Niners when you left.

Originally posted by mcbaes72:
I don't see us losing Fangio, but if any of our defensive assistant coaches find jobs elsewhere, I wouldn't mind having him as a position coach...yeah, I said it.

I cant see him going back to the team that let him go to be a Positional Coach, wouldnt work out IMO.
Originally posted by NineFourNiner:
I supported him while he was here, but I think that the team's success this year coupled with SD's regression shows that he was not the best coach.

Yes, their defense had to suffer b/c of injuries as well. But it can't be the only excuse. I saw some Chargers' games and the defense looked very awful at times.

I thought the guy was pretty good here in SF, but after this season it looks like he just had good players. They have played much better under Fangio.
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I still think he is a good DC. Somebody had to be the scapegoat in San Diego.
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The Curse Of TKO!!!
Already posted in the NFL section.
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C'mon man
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Changes under Fangio included new starting corners, strong safety, weak inside LB, nose tackle, left tackle, left olb, and right olb. Though the foundation stayed the same - willis and smith, just about all personell groups were tweaked and upgraded. The defense changed more than people notice because the stars of the defense are the same people.
I saw name and thought Sandusky. both suck i guess
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