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What was that one QB from the Jags who got sacked like every 5th drop back..Something Johnson. They pulled the trigger on that guy and over-paid for him.

Not saying this guy ain't worth it but let him go through a complete year first.

Rob Johnson.... and Fitz is 100000000000000000 times better. Johnson was a joke, EVERYBODY in Buffalo (myself included) HATED the guy. He was an arrogant dips**t.

.... and Fitz is playing like a top 5 qb in the league right now. You guys on the west coast probably havent had the chance to see the Bills, but I guarentee you will see a LOT more of him.

That said, im confident that 75% of it is coaching. I dont truly believe Fitz is a top 5 qb, but in Chan Gailey's system (which is tailored perferctly for a guy like Fitz) He is a top 5.
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