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R.I.P. Al Davis

Rip al, thanks for helping make the NFL what it is today!
RIP Mr. Davis. This is a great loss for football.
A few people know this, but Al Davis pretty much advised Eddie Debartalo to hire bill walsh.
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So, who takes over the team now?
Originally posted by AJ_Larrea954:

Rip al
Originally posted by WRATHman44:
Easy to mock lately, but it is obvious that the whole landscape of the NFL would be different without his contributions. Some Raiders fans probably wish he was out of the game long ago, and maybe it did eventually pass him by, but he had more of an historical effect on the product we see on the field every week than anyone left alive.

Without Al there'd pretty much be no AFL, and without the AFL, no AFC, and no competitive merger, and nobody to piss Pete Rozelle off at every corner!
Originally posted by mayo49:
So, who takes over the team now?

T.K tweeted that his son Mark is.
I believe he helped Bill Walsh ge into the Nfl and also advised Eddie Debartalo to hire him as head coach. Great football mind.
Jokes aside, it's definitely the DVD if an era. RIP

R.I.P. Al
I hoped he would live forever.
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