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The Cam Newton Freight Train of Outstandingness

Jesus christ. Just knifes through the packers defense, throws a retarded awesome touchdown that's wiped out by an illegal shift penalty, then throws another perfect fade for a touchdown. He looks like he's been playing in the nfl for years.
[ Edited by KowboyKiller on Sep 18, 2011 at 10:29 AM ]
Imagine if he has a better NFL career than Andrew Luck
He's playing against another bad pass defense. He should do well.
Looking really good.
This is what a QB is!
Now I'm impressed. He looks good
There is no justice in the world.

This guy is the next big thing.

I predict that soon Carolina will be renamed: Camolina.

Star in the making.

All you haters better recognize.
Originally posted by KowboyKiller:
I predict that soon Carolina will be renamed: Camolina.

The Camolina Newnthers.
I guess I was wrong about him.
Looks like Newton may be getting a blowjob this weekend.
So, everyone thinks he is the best?

And when they lose a ton, everyone making excuses for him?

Project and needs time to improve. 400 yards mean nothing to me, if he cant win games, he isnt successful IMO.
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