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The **OFFICIAL** Cam Newton Bandwagon!

Originally posted by 49erFaithful6:
Originally posted by confusedrhino:
I'm all over Newton. Most physically gifted QB to come out since Vick, and he also happens to be the #2 rated passer in all of college football. Pretty cool dude too! Only concern is maturity.
I'm positive that with Harbaugh, he can form the offense around Newton and make him an absolute star.

This my friends is a big concern. Agreed that it is the only concern. But imo, maturity will probably sink Newton's NFL career.

Newton seemed almost relieved last month to explain the situation. A lot of people don't know the truth, he said. In the aftermath of his arrest, many headlines suggested Newton had stolen the laptop. Reporters and bloggers alike made the logical leap that Newton had taken the laptop from another student and then tossed the evidence when the police discovered the perpetrator. They were half right, Newton said.

It is true that Newton asked police for a moment to call attorney Huntley Johnson -- Gainesville's version of Matlock -- and then disposed of the laptop. "I panicked," said Newton, who completed a pre-trial diversion program to get his charges dropped. "That was the stupidest thing I could have did."

But, Newton said, he did not steal the laptop. He bought it. And the story of how he came into possession of the laptop should make it abundantly clear why so many hotels post signs warning guests not to hang clothes from the overhead fire sprinklers.

That's precisely how Newton's trouble began. He said he had placed dress clothes on a hangar for a class presentation. Before he had a chance to put them on, teammate Deonte Thompson visited with his baby daughter. Fill in any scene from Daddy Day Care that you'd like, but the upshot is that a distracted Newton hung his clothes from the fire sprinkler.

"It was like Old Faithful," Newton said. "From the third floor down, it flooded everything. But it started in my room. My laptop was destroyed. My TV was destroyed. All my clothes. All my shoes. Everything was destroyed."

On every college football team, somebody knows a guy who knows a guy who sells stuff out of his trunk. Newton said he was introduced to one such gentleman. The budding entrepreneur asked Newton if he needed clothing. "I'm 6-6, 240 and I wear a size 14 shoe," Newton said. "There was nothing I could wear."

But, Newton said, he did need a laptop. "Oh, I've got a laptop," Newton remembered the man saying. "The price that he gave for it," Newton said, "it was really too good to be true."

Indeed it was.

So Newton paid $120 and took possession of a computer valued at more than $1,000. He knows how stupid it sounds now. He also understands now that buying stolen property isn't much better than stealing. "Knowing what I know now, would I have done it? No," he said. "I wouldn't even think twice about doing it. But I did it. I made my mistake." Police found the computer because Newton, thinking he'd bought it free and clear, used his university account to log on to the Internet. After several days and multiple logins, police swarmed Newton's dorm room. "I'd never seen so many police officers," he said.

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One wrong move after another. Wonder if his Wonderlic will be over 5? I question how bad he wants to be great in the NFL. He could be another Russell.

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Should his new nickname be Old Faithful, Fire Sprinkler or Trunk Slammer?
Originally posted by SourdoughDan:
Originally posted by communist:
it would be very nice if we will sth like playoff contenders rightaway but i dont think we will have at least one year to develop a rookie qb and it's the usual way to do is NOT usual that rookie qb start from day one. stafford, ryan or sanchez are EXCEPTION of the rule and i do not consider sanchez as a very good QB right now...

@TE: we already have a big newton-thread, might not have a "bandwagon" in the title but should be enough for discussion...plz use the search function before u start a thread, from the next time's annoying to look in 3 different thread which have the same topic. THANK YOU.

I did search thank you very much, but I felt his bandwagon deserved a new thread. Are you the newest mod here or what?
like i said, i am very annoyed to look in 3 different threads which have the same topic in general.
Originally posted by E-49er:
Originally posted by SourdoughDan:
Originally posted by E-49er:
Newton is gonna be a project. I'm not gonna say he is gonna be a bad qb but he will need some time to become a better passer before he realizes consistent success in the nfl. He is not a guy thats gonna start right away. I don't think he is what the 49ers need because this team is ready to win now. They cant wait 3-5 years for Newton to become a better passer. The same goes for Locker IMO.

I think the same can be said for every QB not named Andrew Luck, but Cam has a leg up on the others because he is so physically imposing. The NFL isn't going to be too big for him. Look at what Josh Freeman is accomplishing after being another guy who would need 3-5 years. Point is, I wouldn't bet against Cam, he's got that "it" factor you see in winning quarterbacks.

You almost can say that about the other QBs but I think alot of the other QB's styles also translate better to the NFL than Cam's. Mallett imo is one of the qbs who's style translates better because he comes from a pro style offense. I don't like Locker because he is a one read and go and that doesn't cut it in the NFL. Even some of the later qbs like Andy Dalton have a very good understanding of the passing game that Cam doesn't yet. Cam's style of play reminds me of Vince Young. You say he is imposing and he is but as we learned this season, you are not gonna run over everybody in the NFL. I think Newton has alot to learn about the passing game before he is consistently successful. IMO he could be a QB similar to Steve McNair in his Titan days.

You mean the same steve Mcnair that won MVP and lead his team to the superbowl and playoffs multiple times?.....I'll take that.
Harbaugh/Newton in '11

Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Originally posted by Sims84:
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
College stud.

Pro Fail.

how? 6'6 250, fast as is, but deceptively fast for his size, great arm, pretty good accuracy, play maker, fierce competitor, can work well in or out of the pocket and if we hire Harbaugh, will have one of the best coaches a QB can have. Explain why he is a "fail" at something he hasn't had a chance at yet?

He's Vince Young #2 but 1 inch taller. We've seen what that turns out to be. Nothing special...

as much as i hate Vince Young the dude wins may not be pretty but its a win
Originally posted by 49ERFANb4Uwas:
Harbaugh/Newton in '11

Originally posted by Chief:
Don't want anywhere near this wagon.

Cam Newton=Akili Smith. You can get the same qb in Colin kapernick in the 6th round.
McDaniels drafted Tebow so ....
Originally posted by Ninerfan775:
Originally posted by Chief:
Don't want anywhere near this wagon.

Cam Newton=Akili Smith. You can get the same qb in Colin kapernick in the 6th round.

Please explain what makes Cam Newton similar to Akili Smith. And do you honestly think Cam and Colin are the same QB?

i just dont understand how some people are comparing Newton to Akili Smith, Vince Young, or Jamarcus Russel before he's ever stepped on an NFL field. You judge pro prospects based on their individual accomplishments and personalities. Newton isnt a head case like VY . Lazy like Russel. and he is more accurate than Akili Smith. he is obviously a better prospect than any one of them.
really comparing any college prospect to someone already pro is a crapshoot and another way to express ones personal bias towards that player.
he could be great or he could turn out a bust. in my OPINION based on his play, determination, and just plain beastly physical ability i'd say he'll turn out great.

consider me on this bandwagon!
Originally posted by ChaunceyGardner:
McDaniels drafted Tebow so ....
yes, that was a reach but TT was known as a leader and a workaholic...and his weaknesses were well-known.

Thanks Andrew!
Originally posted by SourdoughDan:
Didn't see a "Cam"-wagon so I thought I'd be the first to jump on! This guy is a beast, plain and simple. Short of Andrew Luck he'll be the best QB to come out of this draft because Cam is a winner! Plus, IMAGINE his potential with Harbaugh as his mentor! **drools all over keyboard**

So who's on board??!

ur high just another numb see Akili smith

A good article explaining some of his past

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