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The elephant in the room; What if A.Smith and/or Sing do great elsewhere?

Obviously, an Alex Smith fan who still doesn't want to give up on him after 6 frustrating years started this post. HE'S NEVER GOING TO BE A GREAT STARTING QUARTERBACK!

As the guys on Monday Night Countdown would say, "Come on, Man!"

Enough said.
I say good luck to them unless they are in our division or in the way of another Super Bowl. I don't hate Alex but I hate what he reminds us of: The failure of John York to find a competent HC, the failed Nolan coaching tree and of course Arron Rodgers.
How about..............who gives a f**k? They weren't successful here. Turn the freaking page! Move on! Nothing to see here or whereever they end up..........
Originally posted by Otter:
Originally posted by pantstickle:
What if the moon eats our planet?!

Which side? I'd be ok if it ate DC, parts of Africa, and Arizona.

Hey now. It depends on what part of Arizona you are talking about. LOL.

If Singletary and Smith do well somewhere else, good for them. Bottom line is they weren't going to be successful here, especially together. I could see Smith going to another team with more stability in coaching and offensive line, and being a servicable player. Singletary is another story.
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I hope they do...they are both good people.
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Originally posted by TonyStarks:
What if Alex does great next year and is a pro bowler

as an Arizona Cardinal?

Alex a pro bowler? nah, he is not good enough. Name me a QB that was a bust with the team that drafted him and went on to success elsewhere... Sing will forever be a LB coach, something I think he is actually good at.

Uh.... Steve Young?

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If Alex Smith goes to another team and is successful, it would just be further indication of how inept and dysfunctional our offensive coaching has been for the past few years.
Alex Smith is a very talented quarterback. Not Brady. Not Manning. Not Vick. But very talented. He has the best years of his career ahead of him. I regret the 49ers never made it work... too many coaches, too many systems, too many benchings.
Originally posted by KezarLivin:
I say good luck to them unless they are in our division or in the way of another Super Bowl. I don't hate Alex but I hate what he reminds us of: The failure of John York to find a competent HC, the failed Nolan coaching tree and of course Arron Rodgers.

Yes, because Aaron Rodgers would have done so much under Nolan.
Originally posted by TonyStarks:
I don't know about you guys,but I'd be pist if Smith went to his first pro bowl in a Dolphins uni.

I mean, that was the whole point in giving him enough time,right?

Each year we thought we were going to get that number one overall qb that we invested in? Each year we got nathan but penetration.

Alexcuses seem viable, but dammit, if these chumps succeed and we are still rebuilding, it will look pretty bad.

Alex Smith and Mike Singletary are gone. Move on.

Sing will go back to being a LB coach with the Vikes, and if Alex and his agent are smart he will go to a team with a very good o-line.

If Alex gets protection I wouldn't be surprised to see him win 8-9 wins with a team. But I think that's his max production. Its up to him to prove me wrong.
I don't see Sing mastering any of the aspects of coaching he was failing in for at least a couple of years, so who cares when (if ever) he gets another shot and does well.

As for Alex, I think he will probably go to a crappy team and get into a crappy QB competition (much like the ones SF has had over the last few years) and if he somehow wins will get killed in the regular season.
I bet alex would love to be a cardinal, to show those fans that were boing him.. and that would be a privilege 2 times a year for him
Sing or BM(bigmike), i don't worry about him being a big success elsewhere because the guy is a genuine guaranteed football dud, well schooled in the football of 1985, who incredibly has learned nothing new football wise, since then. Amazing. His return to football, which i would consider laughable will not be burdened by success. He is just a football failure and i sure wouldn't lose any sleep over him ever becoming successful, unless it is with LB more, no less.

As for alex, he is just star crossed, never got to learn a system well before having to learn a new one. We should have listened to what Urban Meyer said: If alex understands the system well , he will succeed" Well, we should have been listening. Also that was not a ringing endorsement when you think about it. I have been neutral on alex this entire time, all 6 yrs, but jeez , somewhere along the line you would have thot that even with the multiple OC changes, multiple O schemes, the guy would have developed something. I don't see him much different today than i did 6 yrs ago, and that was as an unknown.

To keep him now...hmmm....maybe if we offered him a lowball figure like a million bucks a yr, for one yr only, but i just don't see him as being the answer. So many changes, so little to show for it, i just think we are better starting over. If he becomes a superstar somewhere else, then good for him. i think we are better with someone else. 6 yrs later, i still have no idea if the kid is the real deal or not, which would lead one to belive that he isn't.
Thread should be titled the "Unicorn in the room" because the chance of this happening DOESN'T EXIST. Alex will be a career backup and Sing is a career LB coach until he goes to coach college.
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