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Jimmy Raye Thread

Its no wonder we see 2 or 3 plays called throughout the course of a game.... Our offense is way to predictable.

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Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
I knew it! Old senile b*****d!

How to perform at work like JRaye:

Some of the reaction is over the top. The accusation is serious, and it appears to be validated by what we've witnessed with our own eyes and the gripes of the players. Having said that, Morgan didn't get his second foot down, Smith over threw a wide open Norris, and Crabtree had a pass bounce right off his hands into a defender's. The players played like crap too. Sounds like the sensible solution for now is to have Raye develop the game plans, but have someone else call the plays on game day. I don't see how a direct line to Smith is going to help if it means Smith still has to interpret garbled gibberish. This is a pretty damning reflection on Singletary. I'm just not buying the line that once we went off script all fell apart because Raye couldn't call a play. There was plenty of s**tty execution Sunday also. Bleh!
I bet the Saints get all of their plays in on time this Monday. The Seahawks managed to do it. This seems only to be an issue for the Niners. This problem must be fixed by gametime. It's high school (which isn't fair, most high school teams manage to do this efficiently). If Singletary and Raye can't get this fixed now then....hell, I don't know. Just get the thing fixed!

There may well be other (and deeper issues) at play, but for cryin out loud get the plays in on time. It is Monday Night Football! It was bad enough to look the way they did on local TV against what will be probably a sub 500 team. Now they are playing the Super Bowl champs in front of a national audience. Things will break in my house if the Niners have to take even one time out or get one delay of game due to playcalling.
Jimmy Raye is a complete and total failure. They need to promote Mike Johnson to OC.
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Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Originally posted by Chief:
Originally posted by RedWaltz24:
What's with all the "ageism" going on around here? Dick LeBeau is old as heck, but he is probably the best defensive coordinator in the league.

What happen to the old days when people actually respected their elders and treated them as such? Do you treat your parents or grandparents in this way? Even if he is doing something wrong, he should still be treated with the respect he deserves not to be treated like something inferior to the human species.

If he is having problems with some aspects of gameday planning, then that is up to Singletary to fix the problem. Name calling or trying to berate the guy does nothing to help the issue, it only shows your level of maturity.

(/rant off -- sorry for the rant, but see people act like 10 year-olds on the playground, when they should know better, pisses me off)

It's not because he is old, it is because he is a dead zombie with dementia.


It's funny cause it's true!
this s**t is hilarious
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If and when Raye is fired, we need to go back to the WCO.
Originally posted by Kolohe:
If and when Raye is fired, we need to go back to the WCO.

got any coaches in mind? and the WCO doesn't fit singletarys amazing successful philosophy or "run, run, then run some more"

The headscratcher for me on the playcalling is it seems extending to last year whenever we get a 4th and short, we're going to throw a pass. At the most dire times he will gamble like that, but on 1st and 10 its a run over guard or a dink pass.

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Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
Raye would call plays down to offensive assistant Jason Michael, who would then send the play into the quarterback.

I don't know. I personally never trust a Yahoo article.

Both Matts have said that Miachel Johnson is the one who relays the call to Smith.


Thats this year, Last year that Jason Michael was the middle man
I actually posted in another thread, that didnt we have an assitant OC, and ill be damned i knew we did.

Maybe seifert was in the building to come out of retirement and help raye with the calling.

Probably not but it could happen.
Someone get Jimmy Raye some Horny Goat Weed!!!!

Jesus Tap Dancing Christ!!!!!!!
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