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Manning, Wayne skip out on post game handshakes

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I have always said this and will continue to say this Peyton Manning is overrated! He does great in the regular season but always chokes in the playoffs. He is 9-9 in the playoffs and the only reason the colts made The superbowl was because they played 2 average teams. And the only reason he won a superbowl is because they played the sorry ass bears. Manning is overrated!

You could not be more wrong. His record is 9-9 but not because he "chokes" as you call it. He was 31-45 for 333 yesterday and included a couple of huge drops. I dont think he could help it that his defense couldnt stop the Saints, his special teams dropped an easy offside kick, and his coach made questionable decisions. In fact, Manning , Addai, and Dallas Clark were the only guys who really showed up and played well.

Manning has had to play great NE and Pittsburgh teams in the past several years with a team that had a below average defense and running game. Saying he is overrated is just a joke.

What about his pick six that one put the game away. The guy is a choke artist in the playoffs

The pick 6 was a great great play by the DB and by Greg Williams defense. They were attempting to set the Colts up by think plays ahead.

It was mentioned by Steve Young that the pick was more Wayne's fault then Manning. Wayne should have undercut the DB, thus helping his QB out. But as Kris said, the DB also made a very good play.

And as someone said previously, Manning and Wayne not going out for a post game handshake is not that big of a deal as you could see how chaotic it was after the game. As long as they congratulate the Saints during post game interviews, that is fine with me. Manning has never showed himself as an unclassy guy so you give him the benefit of the doubt. Belichick on the other hand has. After their loss to the Giants in the SB, Belichick gave no credit to the Giants during his post game interview.

Didn't Bellicheat leave the game before time even expired?
word didn't hear about this and Lebron and Belichick got killed for this last year.
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While I think it's disrespectful, Manning and Wayne have every right to skip out on post-game handshakes.

Some people in the media, however, are ridiculous beyond belief. If Terrell Owens did something like this, could you imagine the backlash?

"Terrell Owens is the scum of the Earth, the most selfish person on the planet. He didn't get down on his hands and knees and kiss Brees' a$s after the game. Let's crucify him."
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